Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reincarnation and Past Life Regressions

A child in Germany that just learned to talk that has knowledge about the waiawi uli'uli and all its uses in Hawaii might be an indication of reincarnation.
Photo "Waiawi Ula'ula" by PJ 2009 Kaiwiki on "Big Island" Hawaii

To consider a true reincarnation story the child has to be consistent, and the possibility of a vivid imagination would have to be ruled out. In real reincarnation stories the children are consistent and do not change when one interviewed in more detail. 

Past life regressions, which also point to reincarnation, is when one under hypnosis is reliving events that probably happened in a previous life. I have myself always been suspicious of anything brought up trough hypnosis, may this be in the field of alien visits as part of UFO investigations, multiple personalities or as mentioned here past life regressions. 

Sometimes reincarnation could be attributed to psychic traits in the child, and one need to determine if the unexplained dreams, skills or knowledge are from having a psychically gifted child pulling out the knowledge from a spirit companion, or if it is experience signs of reincarnation.

Traits that are often attributed to reincarnation are unexplained phobias or fears, unusual talents or giftedness, reoccurring vivid dreams or nightmares, knowledge of items, plants, machinery, or a process from another era that could not possible know about. Children knowing things of specific events and personal information from people that lived before them. Searching for items or a person they believe they had or know but you know the item or person never existed. Repeatedly drawing reoccurring scenes, events, people or items that are not a part of their daily life and which they should and could not be aware of.

I would say that when the child openly talking about the life they had in a different time, especially if the child insist that is real experiences that they had themselves and one can rule out an external source like an angel, spirits, friends, family or radio and TV, it is worth looking deeper into the possibility of the child experiencing traits of reincarnation.

Traits of Xenoglossy
When a child show traits of Xenoglossy like spontaneously talking an unknown language this could indicate reincarnation. Xenoglossy could also be indicated when the child is found speaking in a foreign language or with an accent they have not been exposed to. Suddenly speaking with more clarity and with a broader vocabulary than used on a daily basis or show a spontaneous ability to read and write without being taught how to do so.

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