Thursday, October 13, 2011

UFO Above The Garden

Illustration in courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Stefan-Xp

This is in from my good friend Matt Syson. Matt lives in the United Kingdom and, he wanted to share his story with us. Below is Matt's account of his UFO experience

No videos, no pictures and, not really anything to write home about, not that anyone would take my word straight off the bat. The other week, on the night of the announcement that the speed of light barrier was broken at CERN, I was having a ciggy in the garden (back yard for our American friends) and I was facing away from the house and my mate was facing me.

We were talking B.S. like normal, talking about life and the universe etc... When suddenly I saw something about 200 ft upwards in the sky. Not at all high, the first I thought it was one of those lanterns because all I could see was this orange glowing moving along and, I told my bud to look and he turned around quickly.

After another second of viewing this, we both stood up completely amazed, as this orange blob of light started to revel what it was attached to. A large cubic shape but, with rounded edges began to appear. The whole craft or what we could see of it was translucent, we could even see the stars through this object but, they stars seem to be distorted.

It carried on for about another 4.5 seconds and then it completely disappeared. The craft mad no sound and did not disturb anything, No wind, No bright flash of light, No nothing. It didn't shoot off very fast. This was a UFO. It traveled in a very straight line and vanished into nothing. We stood there amazed and kicked ourselves for not doing something.

The thing is, since that night, I have felt something close in my garden when I step out for a ciggy. I now hear strange noises. the third night after this happened, there was a low sounding scratching at my garden gate yet, no animals were around at all. I have always been very good a picking  things up sense wise and have kept silent about this but, I really feel that now i must revel what my mate and I saw that night.

I also have noticed some strange going ons last night when last night  as well when I was out in my garden. Whatever happened out in my garden that night, I believe was a big mistake for them to let us see the craft. I do not think they were to expose their craft to us for the brief moment. there is no way any type of
of military craft.

I just thought I would share my paranormal experience with you all.

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