Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dreams of a Lost Cat

Anndre' and Andre'a

This entry was given us by Nina in Norway. And it is similar to the Entry Psychic Abilities: Animal Links. This happened to me a few years back while I was still living in Tromsø, Norway. In our home it was my brother, I and the two cats Anndre' and Andre'a, while Andre'a had lived in the house for a few years, his younger brother Anndre' was new to the place and within the second week he went outside and became lost. 

This is when I started to have reoccurring dreams, in the first dream I found myself looking for Anndre' and I found him, but he was unable to follow me back, he was scared wet and cold, hiding in a shelter not to far away. The very next day I walked there, and to no surprise there was Anndre'.

Later the next week Anndre' got lost again, he was a farm cat after all, and not used to the city, with cars, big buses and lorries. He would panic and run off at the first loud noise and not know how to get back home. Anyway again as I fell into a dreamlike sleep I saw Anndre' lost, this time he was farther away, but in the dream I somehow knew that his older brother Andre'a knew where he was and would bring him home if I asked him to.

So this time before I let Andre'a out in the morning I asked him to search for his younger cat brother and bring him safely home. Two days passed and each night I dreamt more, the first night I watched as Andre'a searched, miaued for and finally found Anndre' close to a spring of running water. The next night I again dreamed about our two cats working their way home, and watched as they were getting closer, and when I woke up I knew they both would be home the very next morning.

At the door to no surprise were sitting outside waiting for me to let them in, Anndre' and Andre'a I still remember how beautiful but cold that October morning was. 

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