Saturday, November 12, 2011

Held Down (An Unwanted Visitor in the Night) by Obake Hunter

Photo by PJ 

Held Down (An Unwanted Visitor in the Night)
was written by Obake Hunter on Thursday, October 20, 2011

Years ago I lived in an old house nestled in the hills above Kalihi and in it was a ghost. We used to have friends over from time to time and soon enough they too saw the spirit in question, and since he was such a frequent visitor in our home we soon gave him the name Henry so he would feel like part of our family. 

Henry never did bother anyone although our overnight guests were forewarned about him. Even with that in mind they were always startled by the glowing white presence that would be standing in the room when they woke up in the middle of the night. One time a friend of mine, who was playing cards with us, actually saw him walking into one of the bedrooms. He had had a few drinks but I think he more or less sobered up right after that.

Henry never really bothered anyone, in fact he seemed to be going about his business like most spirits are want to do, popping out of nowhere and walking thru our hallways and stuff, I was even open minded enough to realize that in some very real way this was his home as much as ours maybe he was the former owner even!.

The years went on and all was the way it should be with life being very peaceful even with Henry showing up pretty much all the time except for two nights when something else came to visit our home. It was late into the evening the lights were off and we were all pretty much fast asleep when I Felt something pull me up to the surface from the comfortable tides of pleasant rest.

My room was as silent as can be considering the late hour and for a few moments that's all that was there with me until I felt someone pressing down on my body making me feel helpless. Groggy and terrified I managed to look off to my right and there was a large shadowy shape of a person watching me. My mind tried to slip back to that comfortable place where whoever this was could not get me. Oddly enough the moment I thought that and I slowly began to drift back to sleep it released me. 

Not long after that on another night it happened again, but this time the presence was much more insistent with scaring me and since I was greatly alarmed I had no choice but to face this dark presence. By instinct I started to pray and the dark figure eased off again and in a few more seconds the room went from a silent negative zone to a tranquil state.

To this day I recall those years living with a ghost who became almost like a shy friend and always a welcomed presence. And then I pause and wonder what that other spirit was on those two fright filled nights while living in that haunted house. And what it would have decided to do with its forceful intentions if left unchecked. 

In Hawaii we have a certain type of wandering ghost that likes to frequent both our fire stations as well as people's residence and they have a habit of pressing down on unsuspecting victims and also choking them thus the nick name of "choke neck" If that's what it was I’m glad it didn't get that far with me...


  1. I have had a night terror similiar to the one explained in this story. I have have had a dark shadowey figure stand off in the corner while i felt as if I were being held down and could not move or speak... these started occurring when I was 15 years old and happen to this day.... I am now 41 and have more paranormal experiences than ever. I feel that I may have a gift or am just plain crazy. I felt that I needed to share this so that others may seek further explaination. To this day I am still trying to understand what is happening....

  2. I've had the same experience and it has happen several times. Doctors gave it the name sleep paralysis and many people believe it and just ignore what is happening to them because they believe its just a medical condition. I say to you pray every night before you go to bed for god to protect you from this demon because that's what it is , not a medical condition. I was sleep and my alarm went off at 3 am and I felt uncomfortable with the feeling in my room and all of a sudden my sheets got tight on me and I was unable to move so I tried to force myself up and the demon slammed me back down, I tried to pray and it was stopping me from praying out loud so I prayed in my mind and it jumped off of me. I went to bed the next night and had complete faith in god and prayed to Jehovah God to protect me and the demon tried it again but at the very moment I felt the presence on me it ease up almost immediately and I sat up and notice golden sparkles the size of gulf balls hovering all over the edge of my bed and at that moment I felt this warmth come upon me and It laid me down without hearing anything but it let me know everything is alright now go back to sleep. You must realize you can beat these spirits with prayer but you will always face a challenge here and there because they won't forget you and will always test you.