Saturday, January 7, 2012

UFO's Over Kurtistown, Hawaii on New Years Eve 2011

Kurtistown, Hawaii courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Kurtistown, Hawaii 11:20 PM December 31st 2011.

Kuristown is in the state of Hawaii on the Island of Hawaii (aka Big Island). The account I read stated that two friends were on Hwy 11 above Kurtistown at 11:20 pm when they saw a orange orb like light over the horizon this orange orb kept getting larger. The reporting witness stated that it looked as if there were red beams of light coming from under the orb.

The driver pulled over, turning off his radio and engine and got out of his car to take a closer look. the driver stated that it became closer and larger and at one point he could see inside the orb. he reported what he saw as a disk shaped craft with a top that was spinning and shaking in a rocking motion. The witness also reported spike like lights on the side and top of the craft.

The witness reported not just one but a total of 7 in the sky. They would fly over top of them and then disappear. A real hair raising experience.

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