Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ullgolthr and Rallurgh - My Ultraterrestrial Pets

Illustration by PJ 2006, the perception to the author of Ullgolthr and Rallurgh can best be described as two small cats like these two blurred to the cameras eye.

What I am going to share with you now is one of the strangest experiences of my adult life here in Hawaii. It all happened the night I found out about Ullgolthr and Rallurgh, two cat like other dimensional animals that follow me around and cuddles up from the energy that I emit.

I remember this very clearly as this was the very night of summer solstice, and I had just assisted in an remote exorcism, this event and the extra energies that flow between dimensions on summer solstice opened up my mind to experience these two sweet creatures.

I had problems sleeping that night so I was still fully awake when I noticed the feeling of something close to my neck, as I looked down I noticed the two blurry cat like animals and as I sat up they jumped down onto the bed, both of them looked up to me confused it felt like they were wondering how did that happened. As I looked down at them it felt like I could read their minds and feel their confusion and this is what I got: Rallurgh he never noticed us before, while the other one was thinking come Ullgolthr lets leave him, we can come back tomorrow when he is more at ease.

I watched as both of them moved down from the bed, onto the floor stopped looked back at me while figuring out what to do next, shifting from blurred to solid and finaly phased out of our world. I Felt these were lesser beings more like inter-dimensional animals, that at times bask in our energies similar to how a cat like to bask in the sunlight, these would be close to the veil just out of our sentient worlds perception, just once in a while blending trough enough to be noticed.

Still I felt so full of energy that night that I did not go to sleep at all until the afternoon of the next day. I still feel Ullgolthr and Rallurgh's presence now when I know of their existance and know how to distinguish their unique form of energy from the rest of my surroundings.

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