Friday, May 18, 2012

Guided by Lydia, the Spirit of My Great-Grandmother

Illustration by PJ Science in Tromsø 2007

I have always had a keen ability to know things about plants, just as explained in the entry Plant Affinity, more specifically I think I partially inherited my plant Affinity from my own great-grandmother Lydia, the other half of my skill and uncanny knowledge of herbal lore I know come directly from interacting with my great-grandmother that guide and watch over me.

I have never known my great-grandmother since she passed away before I was even born, but like me she was a psychic, a scholar of her time in all sorts of plants and medicinal uses there of. Lydia was also known for her strong will and for being way ahead of her time in many things.

Long ago my great-grandmother Lydia told my mother Siw, who was still only a young girl, that she would have a child that would have a future in research and plants like her. Lydia was so certain that I had a great destiny ahead, that she set up a trust-fund, with some money to be released when I turned 18, and also told my parents that she wanted for me to inherit all her money when she passed away, and that it was already set up to place all her money into the trust-fund.

Just like she had foreseen I went into science, doing research on plants, unfolding the mysteries of genetics, I do believe she saw something and went ahead with that hunch. The money from the trust combined with the inheritance has made it possible for me to pursue research of plant genetics and biochemistry.

The strongest example I have of how I felt great-grandmother Lydia helping me was a few years ago when I almost died, and my life literally flashed before my eyes (read: When My Life Flashed Before My Eyes ) aiding me in finding out what I needed in order to help myself get better.

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