Thursday, July 22, 2010

When my life flashed before my eyes

Back about five years ago I was extremely ill, suffering from emphysema, weak heart, swollen liver and severe metabolic acidosis all caused by ethylene glycol poisoning which brought me so close to death that it caused me to have my life flash by my eyes.

I had heard about this phenomena before and had often wondered about it, anyway my experience was extremely detailed though it limited itself to looking at all aspects related to everything I had, seen, learned, heard and though in the field of biology, human physiology, medicine, herbs, chemistry and biochemistry, like if my mind was accessing every aspect of my life that could hold information useful to saving my own life. After it browsed through my own life it continued back beyond my own birth, into the life experience of my mother, Siw, with the same limited aspect, continued on to my grandmother, Marie, and even back to my great-grandmother, Lydia, which actually was a great healer and herbalist back in her time. (For more on my connection with my great-grandmother Lydia read: Guided by Lydia, the Spirit of My Great-Grandmother)

The wealth of ethnobotanical information was so immense but still depicted in absolute clarity and everything was available simultaneously, so when the reverse flash was over I instantly started writing down the note on what I had learned, and was able to make myself a cure using everything in the flash and came up with a solution using pure lemon juice which bypasses the part in the glycolysis severed by the ethylene glycol poisoning by entering directly into the Krebs cycle. Use of salmiak salt to shift the body from its ever worsening cycle caused by the poisoning into producing Urea, which also help removing part of the CO2 and CO which was building up in my blood and muscles, due to lung damage. And a mixture of 100% cocoa melted in rice milk, sweetened with honey, real licorice, natural vanilla beans and a dab of olive oil to help it dissolve, which helped stabilizing the liver functions, stabilized the heart beat and blood-chemistry enough that my body could start the repairing it had been unable to get started on for months.

Within hours of starting on my newly discovered natural method for healing myself I felt a lot better than in months, it still took months to fully recover but It did work exactly as the knowledge within opened up to me through my near death experience of seeing all the information in the flash of a moment.

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