Friday, October 1, 2010

Psychic Abilities: Plant Affinity

Photo by PJ, Honolulu, Hawaii 2005
Monstera deliciousa, widow-leaf or also known as Swiss cheese plant, is the first plant that I found to have an affinity too. I have never lived anywhere where I do not have a Monstera.

Plant affinity, is in may ways similar to animal affinity and it is the ability to feel connected to plant life, in its weakest form it is the natural ability often referred to as having a green thumb. As one get more in tuned with nature and with ones own abilities plant affinity could expand into much more than being able to be naturally attuned to making plants grow and flourish.

The shamans connection to find, discover and using plants to cure to diseases is one off the higher forms, other is as in the case of me connected to my own ability as a psychic claircognizant where I would at times gain deep knowledge of a new and to me unknown plant in the instant I pick it up, just as when it comes to flights and psychometric flashes [stories: A Fatal Flight, One Scary Flight: Detroit - Amsterdam and Psychometry - Object Reading and Flashes].

These flashes bring details as Latin name if already classified, local name, traditional names and alternative names in different languages, which when I think of it must be a lesser form of xenoglossy. Other pieces of information that I often get is the biochemical composition of the plant, its potential use as remedy against aliments, and its historical use if any.

The ability also provides information into plant physiology, and a special perceptiveness when it comes to noticing anything with and connected to plant life, which I use to check and control if it seems reasonable. When it comes to information of ancient Norwegian and Sami herbalism, I feel is shared with me from my great grandmother which was lifetime herbalist and healer, as her ancestors before her. 

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