Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Mermaid of Finnmark

"The Land Baby" Oil Painting on canvas by John Collier 1899 
courtesy of wikimedia commons

My Aunt Hanna once told me about the time she and her husband encountered a mermaid while out fishing.

This all happened years ago but my Aunt Hanna remembers it perfectly, it happened of the coast of Vardø in Finmark Norway, were Aunt Hanna and her husband Gunnar was out for one of their usual jig fishing trips in a small open boat, this was one of several fishing spots over a natural underwater cave known for it's rich schools of fish. As they started hauling up their jig, Gunnar noticed there was something swimming just under the surface of the water, at first he thought it was a harbor porpoise which is a small whale common in this part of Norway. 

He altered Hanna of the whale, and they watched it swimming around the boat before surfacing, it was then they realized this was not a whale at all but what seemed to be a female, with blue gray skin and long hair, she also wore sea weeds around her neck as if it was ornamental. She stood still in the water watching them before returning back to the deep, hair fish tail was the last thing Hanna and Gunnar saw before the mermaid disappeared down into the depths of the ocean.  

To this day Aunt Hanna still swears that mermaids are indeed real, my uncle Gunnar passed away years ago so I never got to hear his version of their mermaid encounter. 

I have always been fascinated with mermaids and other merfolks, and also a adamant supporter of the water ape theory as part of our own human evolution. This is why when I recently I came across a program that in the best ways I so far have seen described the water ape theory and merged this with the mermaid mythos I was especially thrilled. 

The documentary below is fictional in nature but still sums up all the mermaid mythos and looks at the water ape theory as part of the human evolutionary tree like no other program I have seen before.

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