Sunday, August 19, 2012

My first Exorcism by Rev. Alaina Damewood

Illustration in cortesy of Wikimedia Commons 
"Healing of the Demon Possessed" medieval illustration of Jesus Healing the Gerasene. 

The Following story is a true account of demonic possession and everything in it is based on what actually made me become curious and begin my studies in the occult and demonic, it made me the exorcist I am today. I am Rev. Alaina Damewood and I grew up in the small town of Princeton, West Virgina. I was in middle school at the time learning what I thought was Wicca from a friend who had been studying the occult for some time, she really was a black magic practitioner. 

We had a friend who had been studying black magic who came over for a visit to see what we where working on with meditations at a friends house in Princeton. The male friend name Derik came up and said Alaina some strange things have been happening to me I think I am possessed by something and I want it out of me and I am leaving the coven I am done with black magic and quitting. I turned and looked at Derik and asked him how can I help you Derik? He said Alaina can you remove it from me. I looked at Derik and said we can try. So I had my friends Jenn and Megan form a salt circle in the middle of the down stairs basement so we could start the ritual to try to remove the demon from Derik. 

When we all started to call the elements while standing in a circle surrounding Derik. I put holy water that I carried on me from the catholic church on his head. The girls and I began to chant louder and louder to the elements of earth, air, fire, water and spiritual beginning. Derik looked up at me and said you are not a exorcist while having a demonic sounding laugh and said you can not cast me out of him. I looked at the spirit and said in the name of god the father god the son and the holy spirit I have the rite to get rid of you, it laughed at me. I grabbed the holy oil out of my left pocket put it on my hands and continued to pray to god and the goddess to remove the spirit from within my friend. 

The spirit in him looked at me while I was praying and said oh it is you and I am in trouble. Please forgive me for what I have done to your friend. I said you know the consequences of your actions in the other plain and I am sending you back to the hell you came from. I put my hands on Derik's forehead and said in the name of all things good be gone. Just then I felt a coldness come through the air, the girls fell to the ground leaving only me and Derik in the circle of salt . He woke up out of the trance and said Alaina where am I how did I get here what is the day I said Derik it is Thursday and we are at Jenn's house do you not remember?  He looked and said no, I do not, but thanks for what ever you did, I feel much better. 

It has been over 18 years since this took place at my friends house in Princeton WV.  My friend Derik is now a Christan minster and I am now a licensed exorcist for the order of Saint Michel and the order Saint Benedict for the reformed catholic church. I am also a certified minster in the states of WV and VA and I also am a registered Wiccan clergy and believe that both the goddess and the Christian god can save peoples lives from demonic forces. I sometimes look back and remember that I saved my friend's life that day and he is now a stronger person for it. 

As for dealing with the difference between black and white magic there are several signs any one can use to tell if someone is practicing black magic . The first is that if you feel a harmful energy surrounding the person, Second is demonic spirits give off smells of unpleasant odors and some people even get sick or mad when the person walks into the room. The first tell of a good person who practices white magic is the factor you will feel completely relaxed around the person and in some cases you will feel your stresses and issues of the day go away when talking to them. 

People like my self who practiced Wicca do prayers just like Christians to help heal people Wiccans believe in the three fold law and that if we do bad it comes back to us three folds once while we are alive , once when we die and once in the next life if we are forced to come back to earth. We pray to the goddess or mother earth to help heal all who need healing. As a exorcist, I use these tools to identify if a spirit is good or bad every time I go to do a case on people who claim to be possessed by demonic forces. I believe my experiences as a child and studying other faiths has made me a strong reformed catholic exorcist. 

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  1. No offense but Yahweh says, I am a jealous God, and that you cannot serve two masters. To be both Christian and a witch are impossible. He also says that you must go through the sun to get to the Father and not once did I hear Yeshuas/Christ's name.

  2. As a Christian I am not allowed to practice any type of magic. I also cannot judge others for their beliefs and practices. The only magic that I need is that which I allow God's Holy Spirit to work through me. God is the greatest magician and I have witnessed his magic that I call miracles. I do know that every culture and religion through the ages have been casting out demons or evil spirits based on their faith and belief and IT WORKS. I know that Jesus said SATAN CANNOT CAST OUT SATAN and that ALL THINGS work together for good for them that love the Lord and are CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE. Maybe those who practice a different religion are able to cast out evil because that's how they are CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE. God's understanding is greater than ours. God is fully capable of working through His creation to carry out His will regardless of religion. I believe it is about love, faith and obedience to Him in the purpose He calls you. All the different languages, religions, faiths and understandings does not change the one true God or His abilities or His authority. God calls each of us in His own way and He works through each of us in His own way. His way for me is through Jesus Christ who is the way, the truth, and the life. His Life, His teaching shows me not to judge others or hardened their hearts against Him by condemning them for living the way they believe is right. So whatever works, if it is good it is of God, for no good works can come from evil and evil cannot cast out evil. God loves all of His creation and He wants us to do the same...the first and greatest commandment.... Love God for if you truly love Him you will also love all that He created and all that He loves.

  3. If you don't mind me asking, what middle school?