Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Back in February of 2011 we were struggling and I happened to look at some magical and meditation candles in one of the local health food and alternative life style stores here in Honolulu Hawaii, we looked at a few of the candles they had, which promised to bring abundance, good fortune, money, tranquility and many other forms, these chakra candles had vivid colors and a pleasant scent so we decided to buy one of them and give it a shot.

This was on Saturday the 26th of February 2011 and we decided to go for a well scented indigo blue abundance candle, as we got home I quickly unwrapped the candle and placed it in a appropriate candle glass for burning, as the candle burned it filled our apartment with a pleasant scent and it also seemed to change the atmosphere on a deeper level, some would call this to align the flow of the internal and external cosmos, or in some ways fine tune your synchronicity.

After a half hour it was burning vividly and I decided to start working more on The Paranormal Corner blog, having it burning on the table behind me. as I moved on to the analytic blog tool I noticed there was a spike in visit numbers that had started to build up within the last 5 minutes, I watched and browsed trough the menus and found that the spike in visits was for a story about The most haunted hotel in Chicago, The Congress Plaza hotel, which we had posted a few months earlier with very few reader. As the candle continued burning for the next few hours I could follow a steady flow of visitors to the story on the Congress Plaza hotel.

Now this could just been pure coincidence but still no other story has so far been as successful as this one and its abundance of traffic from search engines all over the world is still growing, pulling more than a few thousand readers a month alone from search word hits.   

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