Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Battle For Los Angeles - The Most Documented UFO sighing in History.

I think that it is very safe to say that UFO's do exist. Mainly due to the fact that UFO's are any unidentified flying object. However, are UFO's evidence of aliens from another planet. Well, that remains to be seen. The first UFO sourced and recorded sighting was in the year 329BC by Alexander The Great. I am one who believes that we are not alone, and just like with the Drake Constant that postulate the probability of Life and civilizations in a galaxy, there has to somewhere out in deep space there be another planet that has some form of intelligent life on it. That life form could be more intelligent then ours or, maybe even not near our intelligence.

One of the UFO cases that has always held my interest is the one known as THE BATTLE FOR LOS ANGELES, back in Feb. 1942. That case like many other cases to the best of my knowledge, has never been solved.  The following link will take you to a investigative news story being broadcasted about the incident. The report was broadcasted on the 25 years anniversary of the Battle of Los Angeles. Click on the link and you can make up your own mind as to if it was a real UFO or was it a weather balloon as the government insist it was to this very day..

When you watch this video, try to remember anything in the air is a weather balloon to the government. The government said that, the Roswell Incident was also a weather balloon. The Roswell incident didn't take place until five years after the Los Angeles UFO incident and the government still insist it was a weather balloon ONLY after the U.S. Air Force had already said a UFO  had crashed. Here is the link to that story and you can make up your own mind on that story too

I strongly suggest that if UFO research is your interest, You really should take a look at the Battle for Los Angeles video and read the article on the Roswell Incident. Lets just say that the LA incident was a weather balloon, Do you really think that the army and air force could Not shoot down a simple weather balloon? I will leave it up to you to decide for yourself !!

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  1. UFO's to me come from the other dimensions taken here by those who can come in & out of our earthly world. Space/Time is a fabric. I feel the fabric of space/time being a fabric can be altered in ways which we are clueless. Take Big-Foot for instance. No scat, no bones, no nothing but big-foot prints here & there w/many sightings. I believe in the paranormal 110%. I can feel it. Who is anyone that he/she can say to someone. Hey you saw nothing but a figment of your imagination? Christ Jesus said, there will be wonders in the heavens(sky), on the earth(eye level) & under the earth(caves/depths). If you believe in Christ Jesus, then BELIEVE in those things you cannot see. IT IS REAL. PEACE OUT!

  2. Yes, I would agree, other life could exist on another planet in a galaxy(s) that could be 100,00 million light years away, or 50, or 1 light year away. But I feel the paranormal is purely dimensional. And there intelligence is so very much vast than ours. The spirit world (-dimension(s)-) was before our space/time was. I cannot prove a thing. I just feel it. Sort of like knowing I know but having no clue how or why. Space/time is a fabric. A vale or sorts. "They" can manipulate that vale. PEACE.