Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Haunted Furniture

In the house we rented while we were living in Tromsø, Norway,we had this one set of living room furniture, a Hutch, that radiated strange activity and all the photos here are of the actual furniture. We noticed the living room would always feel cold no matter how warm the house was or, how high we set the heat up, it always felt very cold in the living room. At times objects would come flying off the shelves of the hutch as we would walk by it.  The hutch would almost seem to toss objects at those passing by as if something with great force tried to literally toss and hit you with it. Many times items from the shelves would come crashing down onto the floor. To be honest, I hated even going into the living room.

later on when my brother stayed at the house, he too experienced the same things, items would move around on the shelves, items would come flying towards him and, it had this eerie coldness attached to it. One time my mother came over to visit and she stated that she felt like there was a young male spirit attached to the hutch, a young male driving a motorcycle. She didn't know why she felt that way but, she for some reason had a very strong feeling that somehow, that hutch was a haunted object and she felt it was haunted by a young motorcyclist.

I myself have seen the activity happen. Many times I would be working on the computer when I would hear a slamming sound and as I looked back toward the hutch, I saw where one of the doors slammed open. Once, it slammed open with such force that the door actually came off it's hinge.

The final display of force came on the day of moving out, my mother and brother had just finished emptying out everything from the hutch as my brother was close to it facing away, he heard it starting to make the creaking sounds again. As he glanced over to  the hutch, he watched the whole heavy piece of furniture falling towards him. Just in time he jumped out of its way only to watch it collapse down to the floor and splinter into a thousand pieces on the very spot he just had stood.

My mom and brother picked up all the pieces and as they were doing that, they found a photograph in the rubbish of what was left of this hutch. The photograph was of a young man who looked to be in his twenties, standing beside a motorcycle. They took the brass ornaments and kept them but burned the the smashed hutch outside. Upon returning to the house for the first time in years the living room felt warm, and my mother noticed the young male spirit entity was no longer felt in the house.


  1. This certainly isn't the first time that a lost spirit has attached itself to a particular item. I'm just glad to hear that no one was hurt.

  2. Not good vibes when viewing photo. Also didnt like looking a the Santa. I see facea in hutch.

  3. i guess the guy just wanted you to notice him there and that he wants to move on but he is attached to the hutch? could that be possible? so after the thing fell and after u burnt it, it finally moved on?

    1. We never noticed anything from him after we moved out, we kept the brass but it has no feeling of attached spirits to them. If he moved on or not we do not know. If all he wanted was to get attention we do not know, it might been why. All we know for sure he was attached to the hutch and after it fell apart during the moving out the house felt normal again.