Friday, March 29, 2013

Orbs and Rods are They Really Paranormal?

Photo of Orbs By Henny van der Swaluwe courtesy of wikimedia commons 

The one thing we can almost always count on in most paranormal online groups, is photos of orbs and rods. What are orbs and rods one might ask and, how do they fit into the paranormal field? Well, an orb is best described as a round spot of light that is not visible but is captured on a still or moving film. They do vary in size, form, color, clarity, intensity and are a delight to a lot of amateur ghost hunters and a few professional paranormal research/investigation teams as well. However, most investigation teams will not document an orb as evidence on an investigation. Some do believe that an orb is the spirit of one who is deceased but has not crossed over to the other side yet and is still earth bound. Many people believe that an orb is energy of a deceased one's spirit, angel and sign of other paranormal entities. Orbs have also been known as globes, balls of light.

Alien "UFO" Rods at Harewood House, captured on a warm spring afternoon in 2005 
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Now let's move on to rods. What are rods? Well, in the world of the paranormal, rods are like orbs except for their shape. Also, rods seem to leave a tail of light behind them as they streak across the film area. Believers say that a rod is a intense amount of energy a type of strange bug we can´t see with our eyes or even beings of another dimension, also known as ultra-terrestials. Many believe that a rod is proof of the existence of the paranormal because rods seem to leave a trail of light behind them and they see to travel at very fast speeds. Rods are also captured mostly on moving film and camcorders. Rods are also know as energy rods, light rods and swimmers.

As I mentioned before, most investigation teams will not mark a orb or a rod as evidence of the paranormal. The reason for this is simply that, there are very many particles of dust in our air. We have very small particles of moisture, fungal spores, plasma, wood dust, plant material, skin cells, rock particles, sot and so on. We have also have seen insects that have shown up on film as orbs and rods, on top of this are the optical effects that cause orb or rod like shapes to appear. Being a paranormal investigator myself, I always decline to accept a rod or orb as evidence of the paranormal. As I said, there are just way to many particles of whatever in our air and, when one takes a photo, or taping a film the light from the flash and any other light source will be is reflected off of that particular particle whatever it may be.

I have several times been shown photos of orbs, and then when the orb in the photograph is blown up it seems to show images within them, more often then not I would say this is regular parodelia where our mind look at the uneven parts within the image and makes out patterns and organize them into figures in our mind, making them look like horned orbs, numbers of 666 and every other form on the earth can be found in this kind of orb footages.

To be honest about it, I have never seen any photo that would give me any reason to think  the orb or rod in the photo could be the energy of a spirit that is still earth bound. Like I explained in my entry What is Paranormal?, once the paranormal is proven, it will no longer be no more paranormal simply by the word's definition.

If anyone has any way to prove that an orb is of paranormal nature, PLEASE feel free to contact me at  If you only have a photo of something that says it has it's own light source then, please do not waste your time or mine. If you have a video of a speck of something that changes direction, pleas do not send me that either. Things like that have long been explained. I do not want to cause an orb war here and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you have anything that can change my mind about orbs, please send it my way.

Of course just because orbs and rods are impossible to use as paranormal evidence does not mean that every orb and rod caught on photo or video is not of a paranormal origin, the problem lays in the fact that it is so many things a orb photo can be, and the same goes for rods.


  1. I agree, in my many years of looking into the paranormal I haven't seen any orbs that could ever be labelled as ultimate prrof of the paranormal; a few are at best interesting in nature and though should not be entirely ruled out as eveidence of something paranormal, cannot be entirely ruled in either. I have witnessed an orb on film with a trail that appeared to separate into smaller orbs but being sceptical we can never rule out digital manipulation. You have not mentioned dark orbs in your article, rarely pictured but sometimes reported, I find those more interesting as there are far too many physical explanations for your A typical orb. Where rods are concerned, it's important to note that they have also been theorised as being alien or a type of insect which is simply not visible to the naked human eye but exists in a dimension other than this one which is caught on film...still paranormal but not always classed as spirit. Ta for the read, was a little concerned at the beginning that you were going to air on the side of orb belief, but glad to read that this wasn't the case.

  2. As a person who has seen 'orbs' with my naked eye (so to speak), I guess I'd say I believe in them... though precisely what 'they' are is unknown to me, may I respectfully ask that you take the time to both read and consider the following before judging me or commenting on what I herein report. I have been fortunate enough to witness orbs on several occasions when I’ve been in ‘medium mode’, and on more than one occasion; no matter whether that be in a church or a circle; I have seen an orb fly past me and guide me to the person to whom I am to deliver a message or link - and this has occurred in lit areas, not dark ones. However, one orb... the knowledge of which could be collaborated (or so I believe) by a couple of people in the Dark Hauntings Investigations group, for it was on a Dark Hauntings investigation at the Hind Hotel… an event on which I’d been asked to do the mediumship… that I bore witness to 2 or 3 orbs in one particular room (this was in a darkened room), I was then allowed to witness one of those orb’s fly straight towards me, swerving away at the last second, “Oh blimey, it was obviously an insect” I hear you shout, fair enough, we're all entitled to our own opinion, but the thing that made this different for me (for me alone I hasten to add, for I’d never experienced it either before or since) was the fact that as the orb ‘flew’ past me, I could feel the physical energy of its “whoosh” or “rush” of it as it brushed past my stomach, and I commented on it at the time (my comments being recorded on video). With the best will in the world, I believe it would have had to have been a very big (and possibly audible - loud enough to be heard by others present) insect to have caused such a draught, a draught that could be physically felt. I do not claim to have the authority to categorically state what orbs are or aren’t, I simply relate the truth of what I see and have been allowed to witness, as for you the reader, you make of it what you will.

  3. No such thing as "ghosts ". Demons...yes

  4. So then you clearly don't believe in the Bible, because it mentions that there are Ghosts. A Ghost that goes to Heaven or Hell is still a Ghost. The Original Christians wrote extensively about it. Even Demonologist Ebenezer Sibly mentioned Ghosts. In the Catholic Church Ghosts could be souls in Purgatory that need to be crossed over via the Rite of the Mass, one of the Highest Forms of Prayer there is.

    And Spiritualists and Spiritists are people who actually believe in Jesus and do masses.

  5. Hi, I have these rods and orbs flying out side of my living room and is they are in this house . They are fast too! And they are by the hundreds at times... has anyone gotten any further info? I happene to get a picture and I will try to post it if not go to my YOU tube at and let me know what can I do

    1. I've been around the block a time or two, but until last week I hadn't heard of orbs. Well that changed when I found a small fuzzy ball shape with a tail floating in the air of my house. What really rattled my was when I grabbed, it went through the palm of my hand as if nothing there. After about three times I was convinced that I wasn't just seeing things. My first thought was not to grab a camera but to back away. It disappeared and have no seen it since. Next time I'll have my camera ready. Yes, I was in total control of my thinking.

  6. Hadn't heard of orbs until last week when a small dark ball with a tail was gently floating in my house. I grabbed it and to my dismay it penetrated through my hand unharmed and no residue left. After repeating this a few times I backed away surprised. It disappeared and have not seen it since. Still not sure was this was.

  7. what is this BS saying rods and orbs are not paranormal. If it can't be explained by conventional means, it's paranormal. Seems like A convenient way to dismiss proof. I have video and still photo evidence, audio recordings that I made and they are 100% real. This website seems way to eager to dismiss evidence.