Saturday, April 6, 2013

Psychic Abilities: Animal Links

Illustration of a Raven Corvus corax
By Bryce Canyon National Park
in courtesy of Wikimedia Commons 

In many ways animal links are very similar to animal affinity, and I would say it is some sort of empathy. I am here going to describe what my friend TJ from Vadsø, Norway, told me about her personal experiences of becoming linked with animals and how she told me how this felt like she knew what they were planning or experiencing. I can personally relate to this as I have myself experienced animal links similar to this myself like in my entry Dreams of a Lost Cat.

The first one TJ told me about, was how she felt she linked with an old Raven. This happened in Northern Norway near an old fence. On this fence she noticed an elderly looking raven that watched her car as it passed on its way to the city. Two hours later, when she returned from the city the same raven was still on the same spot of the fence, but this time it took off and flew over the car. As it passed it she looked up seeing the raven had many gray and white feathers underneath. 

Now she got a strong feeling that the Raven felt it was too old and would now land in front of the moving car to end itself. TJ slowed down before the raven even headed downward, and was able to stop the car before it hit it. However, the raven had landed right in front of TJ's car. TJ looked at the raven thinking no old raven, I am not going to be the one to end your life. A few days she noticed the same ancient raven sitting on the same spot as earlier, again it tried the exact same thing before it moved off the road and she never saw it again, maybe it managed to find another car to end it's life, to pass over over to the Happy Hunting Grounds in another way.

Illustration: Sheep with lambs at Cowgill UK 
by Michael Graham 2009
in courtesy of wikimedia commons

The next story TJ shared with me was how she felt she had linked with another animal. Once again while she was driving the same part of the road towards the city of Vadsø, the very same part that  one year earlier she had experienced the link with the old raven. However, this time she linked with a sheep and her two young lambs. 

While she drove, the sheep were running and TJ suddenly felt the sheep were changing their mind and were going to shoot off in the opposite direction right towards the car. TJ for some reason knew that they would turn and run towards her car. She also knew that, if she did not slow down, she would not be able to avoiding hitting the sheep with her car.Just as the mother sheep and her lambs did indeed turn and run right in front of TJ's car, TJ's car came to a full stop and she was able to avoid hitting the mother sheep and her young lambs.

There have been many cases where, a person has been able to tell what an animal might do and, that person was able to ingage an  in an action to make the situation come out of the better. I am not talking about slowing down because you see a dog on the road side thinking that dog might run out in front of your car. Rather, seeing that dog or another animal looking the other way and running the other way and yet, You do stop your car or slow down because something tells you that animal rather it be a dog, cat, cow, deer, or whatever, will do an about face and put it's self in danger

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