Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Aurora Texas UFO Incident

The Aurora Texas Cemetery Sign

As of July 2009, The population of this small Texas town was only 1,044. Even though it would seem like a lot of small towns across the country, Aurora has one big difference. That difference is, the residents of that small farming town are said to have an alien buried there in a local cemetery.

The town's claim to fame is that in April of 1897 a ufo crashed there and, the residents of that small town gave the alien body that was found in the wreckage of the ufo a proper burial at the local cemetery. The news of this alleged event spread all over the country and newspapers all over carried the story. UPI also got hold of the news and UPI director Hayden Hawes  has said that they will fight in court to have the grave site of this alleged alien reopened.

There is also as you may have already guessed, evidence of a military coverup of this event. It seems that right after the crash a lot of military personal descended on this small Texas farm town and took all evidence of the crash away. Now all that remains is photos of the head stone that was once at the head of the grave. It has been suggested that military personal took the alleged alien body away.

I guess we will never know what really happened in Aurora in April of 1897.
Maybe as the article suggest, It might be best to let the incident remain a mystery.

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