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The Kaneohe Morgan's Corner part III The Infamous Trees of Morgan's Corner

Entrance to Auloa Street on foot, from Pali Highway. Courtesy of Kaleo, UH publications

This one in from my good friend Joe Punohu of Oahu Ghost Tours.

Kionaole/Auloa Rd... 
the Kaneohe Morgan's Corner, the place where supposedly workers found over 1,000 human skulls while building it, known by many many ghost hunters as a "Kapu" place, even for ghost hunting.  This is one of my personal stories of the happening on that road one night. While being a guide for 26 people. if you missed the first part click on the colored text for The Kaneohe Morgan's Corner part I The Dawn "Deedee" Murder Spot entry or The Kaneohe Morgan's Corner part II, Kaupe, The half-man half-dog cannibal.

We arrive at "the tree".  One of the infamous trees that makes Morgan's Corner so infamous, I say "one of the trees" because its the tree that seems to make the place haunted.  We have over 12 Morgan's Corners on this island.... all because of "the tree".  I start the story about the tree.... the couple whom decades ago were making out parked under it.... when it started to rain .... seeing the car battery was dead the boyfriend leaves alone to find help and..... CRAAAAAAAAACK!  A big branch snaps in half in the back of the group and we all jump.  I walk to the back of the group, making sure that any branches breaking were done by people in the group, and that all sounds are accounted for.  As I get to the back of the group however, all the men are now white-faced with a look of shock.  I ask them who broke the branch, and they all point into the bushes behind them....

As I walk over to investigate, to find the culprit, I keep the flashlight off because I really don't want to see what might be in the bush. I lean over, with my face about a foot away from the leaves, scanning the ground for something that I can't see... when from over my head.... less then a foot away from my face..... I hear a loud, unceasing, dark growl emanating from the bush. The chicken skin rushes across my body as the blood flows to my head, making everything seem as if it were slow motion. In a split second, options run through my mind in what I should do, not excluding turning around and screaming all the way back to the van. I realize however, that this is my test. This is my initiation, to see whether or not I can handle this job. I start throwing salt at the bush as I'm whacking the bush with my ti-leaf and yelling Hawaiian words at it. The growling turns into snarling and picks up in volume as the bush shakes more violently, the nauseating heat above my head builds and the horrible odor coming from the bush intensifies. I yell louder and throw more salt, as the growling and snarling picks gets louder and it appears as if the whole side of the mountain is now alive and threatening to swallow us whole. 

Common sense finally kicks in as I see that the yelling, salt and ti leaves are provoking it rather then deterring it. I stop what I'm doing as the growling continues, I look at the bush in front of me, and I say loudly and clearly, "I come here to tell stories, nothing more. I come to share the other side of Hawaii with people who are interested, and if you want to hurt us then shame on you, we are doing nothing to harm you!  If you want us to leave, then its not me you have to scare, its the group. They are the ones who control how far in we go, so they are the ones you have to convince to leave!" I hear a guy behind me ask "What did he just say!?". I turn around, and head back to where I was before I was interrupted, to continue the story. I find myself having to almost yell over the growling as I finish my story, not for long though, because about 5 seconds later people started to run away saying that they want to leave. I was the first one out. As I jump over the concrete barrier keeps out more then cars, I hear a loud *CRRRACK* in the back of the group and girls screaming. I run back to see whats up, to find 2-3 girls on the ground with cut up knees from falling. They told me that as they went around the turn, some enormous dark shadow jumped out at them, breaking an entire log, and then disappearing into the shadows once again. That log as far as I know is still there, broken in half. 

As we leave the site, a lady in my van asks me "Do you know why that happened?".  I tell her I have no idea why... she continues, "Its because you stopped smoking.  Didn't you?".  There is no way for this lady to know that I had quit smoking for 3 days prior to the tour. She continues, "Because you quit smoking... they can come closer to you now. Smoking tobacco is exactly what the Native Americans do... its called the Peace Pipe, an offering of peace to the spirits". Well there went quitting smoking, I went straight to the store and bought a pack of cigarettes. Talk about a unique reason for not quitting. 

Also as an added note, I credit my reaction to the growling to the many years I've rode a motorcycle.  There are two types of people in this world, those who react and then think about it later, and those who think about it and then react. On a motorcycle if you are the former, you're dead. Example of this is when a bird flew into my helmet and almost knocked me off the bike at 30 mph. If i freaked out I'd be another statistic. Instead I slowed down, pulled to the side, put down my kick stand, then I freaked out. 

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