Friday, September 30, 2011

The Kaneohe Morgan's Corner part I The Dawn "Deedee" Murder Spot

Entrance to Auloa Street on foot, from Pali Highway. Courtesy of Kaleo, UH publications

This one in from my good friend Joe  of Oahu Ghost Tours.

Kionaole/Auloa Rd...
the Kaneohe Morgan's Corner, the place where supposedly workers found over 1,000 human skulls while building it, known by many many ghost hunters as a "Kapu" place, even for ghost hunting.  This is one of my personal stories of the happening on that road one night. While being a guide for 26 people.

As we got out of the vans that night and started up Robert, my friend and coworker, wishes me luck and tells me to be careful tonight. I figure same ole, same ole, shaking bushes, hot spots, foot steps, and possibly the usual running back to the vans. It is amazing how many people try to convince themselves that the footsteps and rustling they hear is only "the other guide who is supposedly watching the van *wink *wink". As if we would venture out into that area alone, as if we would actually hide alone in the bushes.

As we start up, away from the only source of light on that road, a solitary streetlamp, I can't put all the memories of that place out of my mind. Even watching the vans by yourself OUTSIDE the place can get creepy, with the voices coming out of the bush and constant breaking of twigs, as if someone stepped on them. I'm the lucky one, going up with 26 people into a very dark place... at least I'm not by myself.

We go around the first turn and then start to relate a story of a tragic murder back in 1974, the murder of a young girl from Kailua named Dawn "Deedee" , at the place that was supposed to be where her body was found face down in the mud with a bullet through her head. As I start telling the story I notice how hot and humid it is, you can see the humidity forming on the foreheads of people and glistening off whatever ambient light my flashlight provides. As I get halfway through the story I notice there is a cold spot to my left, extremely cold. This was enough to make me pause and get chicken skin but I choose not to say anything about it, figuring that this is the ghost of Dawn and that she would prefer if I didn't let 26 people stick their hands into her area to feel the cold spot. 

Try as I might to keep this to myself, there was a local girl in the group who stopped me and tells me "That girl that you're talking about?  She's on your left right now, looking at you and listening to you". Great, there goes any secrets. This girl apparently looks as shocked as I do, she just realized that she had the gift to see ghosts. What a place to start seeing ghosts! I look towards the cold spot and tell the cold spot to please correct me if I'm telling something wrong, or please let me know if you would like me to stop telling your story. Nothing happened, except now people moved over and started feeling the cold spot everywhere until, inevitably, it disappears. As I finish the story and allow the people to ask questions or take pictures for like 2 minutes, I notice that this local girl isn't saying much, or moving much.  Her boyfriend comes up to me, panic clear in his voice, saying. "Brah.... someting wrong wit my girlfriend! She not moving cuz! Brah help her!". He pulls me through the crowd up to her, and realizes that the air around her is now freezing cold. He starts freaking out more "Brah, she's freezing! Look! You can see her breath!" as he shines the light in her face you could see the misty smoke coming out of her mouth every time she exhales.  I ask her if she's okay, and she just shakes her head slightly. I ask her if she wants this entity to leave, and she nods slightly. Panicking now, I have no idea what to do... I'm a storyteller not a priest! I follow my gut and listen to my senses. They're telling me that this isn't a ti-leaf waving, salt throwing, yelling in Hawaiian, moment. This entity is Dawn, and she's a good ghost, lonely perhaps but nothing evil that I should repel. I ask out loud for Dawn to please leave this girl alone, telling Dawn that this isn't the way to make friends, and she's scaring the heck out of this girl. Immediately the cold spot leaves. Truly an awesome experience, and seeing as how we have had an experience with the paranormal, I look at the group and ask them if they're ready to leave now? I always try to leave it up to the group, so if anything happens, its not my fault. They (even the girl who just had the experience) look up excited, and say. "Lets keep going!".

You would figure that logic would win out... if A, then B right? If there are ghosts here, which we have clearly witnessed, then what about the stuff I told them before? What about the people that have gotten choked, at least once in a month, at the location where Dawn was found murdered (she was choked before she was shot)? What about the heavy, oppressive feeling hanging in the air, as if ready to suffocate you? I silently curse for giving them the option, and then sigh and cautiously lead them up the old abandoned road further in.

Read on for The Kaneohe Morgan's Corner part II, Kaupe, The half-man half-dog cannibal

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  1. Dede was one of my mother's best friends, who moved to to Kona 2 months before Dede was murdered. She always told me she would have been with them that night had she not moved away.
    You should try to have a little more respect for her, instead of using her as a tourist attraction.

  2. I agree, there is a difference between the urban legends associated with Morgan's Corner and an actual violent and traumatic event that remains unresolved and has affected a family and community for decades. Out of respect for them, please do not use the victim as a tourist attraction, it is inappropriate.