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The Kaneohe Morgan's Corner part II, Kaupe, The half-man half-dog cannibal

Entrance to Auloa Street on foot, from Pali Highway. Courtesy of Kaleo, UH publications

This one in from my good friend Joe Punohu of Oahu Ghost Tours.

Kionaole/Auloa Rd... 
the Kaneohe Morgan's Corner, the place where supposedly workers found over 1,000 human skulls while building it, known by many many ghost hunters as a "Kapu" place, even for ghost hunting.  This is one of my personal stories of the happening on that road one night. While being a guide for 26 people. if you missed the first part click on the colored text for The Kaneohe Morgan's Corner part I The Dawn "Deedee" Murder Spot entry

As we start walking, the place really becomes alive.  Bushes moving, branches breaking behind us.. on our sides... the heaviness increases with each step. The group seems to be loving every step of it, feeding off of it, as if they convinced themselves that this is a haunted house-type ride and everything is fake, after all nothing bad can happen in Hawaii right?  I stop to tell them the story of Morgan's Corner, about Terese Wilder's murder, etc. etc.  As I'm about 3/4 of my way through the story, the local girl grabs me by my wrists and pulls me over to the other side of the road without a word as to why. I shrug it off, I'm here for the sole purpose of storytelling and I'm going to finish this story as fast as I can. If I go looking for stuff, I may just find something. If i look for something every time i go up to a certain place, then it gives them the right to come looking for me. In fact, it was here a few years ago with a bunch of friends that I made the flashlight rule which goes, "The light is for seeing where you're walking... not for looking at whats shaking the bushes, cuz you look, you might see".  That night, years ago, we did see... an old lady's face about 7  feet high in the air above the california grass. 

I finish the story about Ms Wilder, and then ask the girl why she moved me.  She tells me that she saw something moving in the bushes as I began the story, and it kept coming closer and closer in the bushes, she pulled me to the side when she saw it step out of the bushes and walk right towards me less then 10 feet away. I gulp as I see the people to either sides of her nodding in agreement, fear clear on their faces. I dare to ask for the description of this 'shadow'.  She tells me that this shadow stood about maybe 7 feet tall, darker then the pitch black, since she saw it moving in the bush, and was a man for most part... except for his head which resembled a dog or wolf.

Now my jaw literally drops open and fear begins to take a hold inside. The people who saw this apparition, don't understand the full meaning of it... the WHO it is. Before I ask them if they are ready to go back to the vans yet, I decide to tell them a little bit about this shadow whom perfectly fits the description of the infamous half-man half-dog cannibal, Kaupe. I tell them that at one time, Kaupe filled the entire island with terror at the mere mention of his name. As I'm done relaying what information I know about him, I then decide to ask the group what their wishes are... we have a 3rd location not too far away, or we can turn around and head back.  As always I leave it to the group. I'm a bit shocked when a few of the people in the back (who didn't see the shadow) decide that this haunted house ride isn't over!  They want to continue... the people in the front are clearly undecided, but choose to go with the group. At this point I call Robert at the vans and tell him to get the vans started up, turned facing away, and leave the doors open, to allow for a faster escape. Reluctantly, I take them up.  I figure that I need to test my courage as well if I'm going to continue doing a job like this. 

As the bushes start to shake a little here, a little there, and as a branch breaks, falling down right in front of us...  I look at the group and think "This is what they want... no one can complain about being scared".  As we walk up I ponder the foolhardiness of the group, myself now included since I continue to take them up.  I say a few silent prayers for safety and protection and continue towards our final destination. Read on in The Kaneohe Morgan's Corner part III The Infamous Trees of Morgan's Corner

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