Monday, September 5, 2011

A Story about Guardian Angels, Guardian Cats and Spirit family Members

A stray cat returned as a reincarnated "Familiar"

I have an experience I want to share, as I would really like your opinion. We had a party for a lady who is a friend of a friend, and at the end of the night it was just the four of us. We got into a conversation of the paranormal and Wicca was brought up somehow, and I shared the fact that I had my doubts in it. This woman then told me she could read me, told me I was very open and I had an ability myself if I would pay attention to it. I still thought she was full of it at this point, then as she started telling me about people she could see around me such as guardian angels, elaborated on them and spelt out to a "t" some of my relatives. Even my cat who I guess was my "familiar"? had come back reincarnated as a stray cat that my mother ended up making me give away, those cats looked very similar. Another thing she wouldn't have known.

Then she told me she sensed that I have constant pains in my legs and knees which I do. Now the creepy part begins. I have a 16 month old son, 4 days earlier, I was talking with my grandmother who lives with us about how we thought my son have an imaginary friend because he always played with and talked to himself in odd ways sometimes. I've woken up in the middle of the night hearing things in his room and looked and nothing is there. My best friend slept over one time, I fell asleep, she couldn't sleep and she said she heard my son wake up and start talking and it sounded like someone was in his room so she peeked but no one was in there. My fiancé has said he has heard the same thing, while my son is alone in his room. We have a baby monitor but we also have thin walls and our room is right next to his so it’s not just noise coming in from the monitor.

Now with that being explained, this woman knew nothing about my son or these feelings and incidents we had about him. She then told me that she knew I had a child before my son, that I miscarried and it was a girl. She told me she is about 3 years old now (which I'm slightly confused on how she could have aged I thought spirits didn't age) she told me that she is always around me and I know it, I just brush it off, which I do often have feelings someone is around me but I felt it was just paranoia. She then tells me that my daughter wants me to play ball with her and that she plays and talks to my son all the time. Now I was unaware of this pregnancy or miscarriage, but the time frame and the man she described fit into a certain time in my life. I remember I had started having severe bleeding problems for no reason and had to have an emergency dnc to stop my bleeding, which this woman believes was my incomplete miscarriage. She says my daughter will not go see her father though because she is uneasy around him which I believe is because he has a daughter who is almost 3 now. This woman and my grandmother told me I need to focus on her and talk to her, and tell her to go into the light, but I'm still confused on how she aged into a 3 year old girl, and if I should be concerned about my son.

He always seems happy when he is playing with what I thought was an imaginary friend, but sometime he wakes up at night and doesn't want to go back in his crib like he is scared or wakes up from naps really scared which I know could be nightmares but now knowing this, I'm starting to think otherwise. She's not just any child....... she is my child and I'm a little scared she may be jealous of him or something like that and her intentions may not be always good. It’s also very unsettling to think my son is sitting in my living room playing with the spirit of my daughter I never knew existed. Should I be concerned about her and try to get her to the light and at peace? or should I think her intentions are pure and let her have some of the childhood playing with my son that she's never got to have?

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