Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Phantom Cross by Otterbeme

Photo by Andreas Praefcke "Gold cross necklace with pearls and gems" courtesy of wikimedia commons
As a child I loved to play with the jewelery in my grandmother's jewelry box.  One day I noticed a small golden cross that I had never seen before. It was slightly bent, but it looked as if it could be straightened without harming it. I wanted to wear it and ran to my grandmother to ask her permission.

 When she saw what I was holding, she sank into a chair, looking pale and held it tightly in her trembling hand.  "Nana, what's wrong?"  I asked.  She sat quietly and then turned to me with a tear in her eye.  "This is a very special cross, it was given to me by a very, very dear friend.  I haven't worn it in years.  Not since she died in a fire when we were just out of school."

Nana took a deep breathe, I could see that the cross brought back sad memories.  I sat quietly waiting for her to continue.  She looked and me and gave me a weak smile.  "It was a very odd experience.  You know that I'm a little different in some ways, I've mentioned I smell roses when someone close to me has died."  I shook my head in affirmation.  "Well, a few nights before my friend passed away, our dog barked all night.  My family was very superstitious and when the dog howled three nights in a row, they believed someone would die. That night a strong sent of roses woke me up and shortly thereafter we found out that my friends house had been on fire and she had passed away from smoke inhalation."

Nana paused and glanced at the cross again.  She turned it over to show me the back, on which were engraved her initials and those of her friend.  "You see the initials on the back, this was my graduation present from Leigh.  She had our initials engraved as a gift and I promised to always wear it."   Another tear slipped down her cheek.  "Leigh was like a sister to me, when she passed away I was devastated.  I wanted to put something special in the coffin with her, so I placed this cross in the coffin with her.  It meant so much to both of us."

Nana sat quietly for a moment.  I looked at her and when she didn't say anything, I asked, "If you put it in the coffin with her, how do you have it now?"

Nana was quiet a moment and then said, "This is the strange part.  My sister was there when I placed the cross, so was Leigh's mother.  We were standing there when the coffin was closed and taken to the church, and then to the cemetery.  As far as any of us knew and believe, the cross was buried with Leigh."

A year to the day that Leigh died, our dog howled again all night.  I remember feeling frightened and ill and ease during the night, but the sun rose and it became a lovely day.  I got ready for work and as I left the house I stepped on something that was lying on the doorstep.  I noticed something shiny and bent to pick it up.  It was the cross I had laid in the coffin with Leigh, this very same cross I am holding today."

Editors Note: This experience has a lot of similarities with my own experience as described in the Story Talking With a Dead Friend.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Mystic Roses by Otterbeme

Picture Baby Roses by Bugeja Kurt and cortesy of wikimedia commons 

My Nana was a very special woman, with special gifts. I lived with her for most of my childhood, and I always wondered how she knew before hand who was on the  phone, or that someone would be visiting, or when I was in trouble.

One morning I woke early and came downstairs to get a drink of water.  I heard gentle sobbing and followed the sound, my grandmother was sitting in the darkened living room crying.  I rushed over to her and put my arms around her, "Nana, what's wrong?"  I asked in dismay.  She looked up at me, face red and blotchy from her tears and said, "Someone close has died."

I immediately panicked, and asked, "Who died Nana?"

She wiped her eyes on her apron and said, "I don't know yet, but I smelled roses during the night."  Nana wiped her eyes again, and I knew someone close had passed, Nana always smelled roses when someone close to her passed away.  The phone rang, startling both of us.  We looked at each other and Nana answered the phone.  I heard her say, "Oh no, Jim, not Florence."  She sank into the chair beside the phone and tears started down her cheeks again.  I realized that my great-aunt Florence had died.

As I grew older I saw less of my Nana.  She had a stroke and ended up in a Nursing Home, I visited as much as I could.  She had lost most of her memory and rarely knew who I was, but on one of my last visits she happened to see my graduation picture.  I was leaving the room and I heard her say, "MY Shelly "  I turned quickly back to her bed and saw that she was looking at the picture.  By the time I got to her she didn't know me again.  It was very difficult for me, but I knew that deep inside she loved me and I would always be in her heart.

I was in nursing school during this time and had a very hectic schedule.  I had been insisting that my boyfriend take me to see "Gone With the Wind" which had been released again and was only showing for a short period of time.  He finally agreed on the last night it was showing and we got to the theatre for the last showing.  During intermission we went to the lobby for snacks and had just settled back into our seats for the second half of the movie at nine p.m.   Not ten minuted into the film I had an overwhelming scent of roses, it was so heavy it made me nauseous.  I looked at my boyfriend, and felt something was terribly wrong and insisted he take me back to the dorms right away.  He looked at me as if I'd lost my mind.  "Are you crazy," he hissed at me.  "You've been on me for a month to see this movie, now you want to leave in the middle of it."  I insisted, and he was very angry but took me home.  All the way there I felt sick and worried but I couldn't identify why.

When I got to the dorms, our house mother was waiting for me.  She came up and placed her arm around me.  "  Let's sit down dear, I'm afraid I have bad news for you."  I knew before she could tell me, Nana had passed away.  She told me the news and said they had received the call about nine ten p.m., approximately the same time I had the experience of the roses scent.

I have lost other family members over the years, but have never experienced the scent of roses with any of the other.  I know in my heart, that was my Nana's way of letting me know she loved me and would always be with me.

Editors Note: I have heard similar cases of someone knowing when someone close in the family has passed, like described in the entry The Scent of Death. In my family it is not the scent of roses but that of Baby Powder, as described in the entry of the same name.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reincarnation and Past Life Regressions

A child in Germany that just learned to talk that has knowledge about the waiawi uli'uli and all its uses in Hawaii might be an indication of reincarnation.
Photo "Waiawi Ula'ula" by PJ 2009 Kaiwiki on "Big Island" Hawaii

To consider a true reincarnation story the child has to be consistent, and the possibility of a vivid imagination would have to be ruled out. In real reincarnation stories the children are consistent and do not change when one interviewed in more detail. 

Past life regressions, which also point to reincarnation, is when one under hypnosis is reliving events that probably happened in a previous life. I have myself always been suspicious of anything brought up trough hypnosis, may this be in the field of alien visits as part of UFO investigations, multiple personalities or as mentioned here past life regressions. 

Sometimes reincarnation could be attributed to psychic traits in the child, and one need to determine if the unexplained dreams, skills or knowledge are from having a psychically gifted child pulling out the knowledge from a spirit companion, or if it is experience signs of reincarnation.

Traits that are often attributed to reincarnation are unexplained phobias or fears, unusual talents or giftedness, reoccurring vivid dreams or nightmares, knowledge of items, plants, machinery, or a process from another era that could not possible know about. Children knowing things of specific events and personal information from people that lived before them. Searching for items or a person they believe they had or know but you know the item or person never existed. Repeatedly drawing reoccurring scenes, events, people or items that are not a part of their daily life and which they should and could not be aware of.

I would say that when the child openly talking about the life they had in a different time, especially if the child insist that is real experiences that they had themselves and one can rule out an external source like an angel, spirits, friends, family or radio and TV, it is worth looking deeper into the possibility of the child experiencing traits of reincarnation.

Traits of Xenoglossy
When a child show traits of Xenoglossy like spontaneously talking an unknown language this could indicate reincarnation. Xenoglossy could also be indicated when the child is found speaking in a foreign language or with an accent they have not been exposed to. Suddenly speaking with more clarity and with a broader vocabulary than used on a daily basis or show a spontaneous ability to read and write without being taught how to do so.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

UFO Above The Garden

Illustration in courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Stefan-Xp

This is in from my good friend Matt Syson. Matt lives in the United Kingdom and, he wanted to share his story with us. Below is Matt's account of his UFO experience

No videos, no pictures and, not really anything to write home about, not that anyone would take my word straight off the bat. The other week, on the night of the announcement that the speed of light barrier was broken at CERN, I was having a ciggy in the garden (back yard for our American friends) and I was facing away from the house and my mate was facing me.

We were talking B.S. like normal, talking about life and the universe etc... When suddenly I saw something about 200 ft upwards in the sky. Not at all high, the first I thought it was one of those lanterns because all I could see was this orange glowing moving along and, I told my bud to look and he turned around quickly.

After another second of viewing this, we both stood up completely amazed, as this orange blob of light started to revel what it was attached to. A large cubic shape but, with rounded edges began to appear. The whole craft or what we could see of it was translucent, we could even see the stars through this object but, they stars seem to be distorted.

It carried on for about another 4.5 seconds and then it completely disappeared. The craft mad no sound and did not disturb anything, No wind, No bright flash of light, No nothing. It didn't shoot off very fast. This was a UFO. It traveled in a very straight line and vanished into nothing. We stood there amazed and kicked ourselves for not doing something.

The thing is, since that night, I have felt something close in my garden when I step out for a ciggy. I now hear strange noises. the third night after this happened, there was a low sounding scratching at my garden gate yet, no animals were around at all. I have always been very good a picking  things up sense wise and have kept silent about this but, I really feel that now i must revel what my mate and I saw that night.

I also have noticed some strange going ons last night when last night  as well when I was out in my garden. Whatever happened out in my garden that night, I believe was a big mistake for them to let us see the craft. I do not think they were to expose their craft to us for the brief moment. there is no way any type of
of military craft.

I just thought I would share my paranormal experience with you all.

Monday, October 10, 2011

My Daughter, A Paranormal Magnet

Image Reh Springt courtesy of wikimedia commons 

this story is from Otterbeme

My daughter has been a magnet for all kinds of paranormal experiences through the years.  The first time I was aware of anything different about her was when she was in first grade.  We were living in a rural area around Cochran, Pennsylvania. There were very few houses around us, mostly fields.  Right after we moved into the trailer, I noticed that my collection of knick knacks kept being moved around the house during the night.

I would wake up and find them in different places through out the living room and dining area. I blamed my daughter and asked her not to play with them, some of them were antique and I didn't want them broken.  She denied moving them, but she was the only one in the trailer with me, except for my partner, and he worked nights.

This went on for a few months and I actually punished her for this, grounding her to her room for a few hours at a time.  She insisted that she hadn't moved them and there was someone in the house at night.  I thought she was making it up, or at least was not going to admit to moving them because she enjoyed playing with them and looking at them when I was with her.

One night I was coming out of the bathroom and started towards the kitchen area, it was raining and seemed much cooler in the hallway as I went towards her room.  As I went past her room, her door slammed shut.  I reached for it and tried to open it.  The door would not open, I became very frightened and called out to her to open the door.

She was crying and telling me she wasn't holding the door.  After a few seconds I was able to pull the door open and found her crying on the bed.  "I told you someone is here," she sobbed.  I looked around but couldn't see anyone and searched the trailer as well.

That night my daughter slept with me and when we woke up the knick knacks had been re-arranged again.  I asked her to tell me about what she saw at night, all she could say was she saw shadows but they were nice.  She thought the door got stuck because I wouldn't believe her about the knick knacks.  After that, I believed that she wasn't moving my things around.  We lived in the trailer for a few more months and I accepted that something was moving things around, but they didn't seem to be hostile, just mischievous.  Since then I've learned about poltergeists and figured that is what it was.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

SPOOKILAU at the Mission Houses Museum, Saturday, October 29 2011, 6 p.m.

Dive into the world of the paranormal as real world ghost hunters, Spooky Kine Investigators, share their equipment, techniques, stories, and experiences at one of Hawai`i’s most historical sites, the Mission Houses Museum.

Spooky Kine Investigations is one of Hawaii’s premier ghost hunting & paranormal investigative groups whose goal it is to provide understanding of the paranormal through the application of scientific and cultural techniques and widely accepted investigative procedures.

Visitors will enjoy local foods from some of Honolulu’s most popular lunch trucks, presentations on the Mission Houses Museum by Dr. Thomas Woods, and The Science of Ghosts, and Compositing Ghosts with Spooky Kine Investigators. Participate in two mini-investigations with actual ghost hunting equipment inside Hawai`i’s oldest house and nearby cemetery, and discuss Hawai`i’s Supernatural with guest Joe Punohu. Spookilau sponsored by the Mission Houses Museum from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday, October 29th, $10 admission. Tickets can be purchased online at

Mission Houses Museum • 553 South King St. • Honolulu, HI 96813

SPOOKILAU at the Mission Houses
Museum, Saturday, October 29, 6 p.m.

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