Friday, February 8, 2013

The Coffee Drinking Ghost

One morning while sleeping at my parents house I woke up about 7:45am from the sound of activity outside of my bedroom door, I got up and started working upstairs in the house checking my e-mail and other regular chores.

Downstairs I could clearly hear what I thought were my parents walking around preparing coffee, walking up and down the stairs and using the door down to the basement, by 8:15am I was totally sure they had just gotten up early and were preparing the morning as I could clearly hear and smell the fresh brewing coffee in the downstairs coffee maker, I still had more to do on the computer so I decided to not bother them in the bustling downstairs chores, with contious sounds of energic cheerful work.

It came as a great suprice to me when I at 8:55am I could hear my parents waking up talking in the bedroom and soon after emerged to head downstairs and start making breakfast brew coffee and so on. I was totally stunned to find out for one full hour what I had heard and even smelled was of spiritual  nature and not my parents. 

This used to be the family house of my step-father and unknown to me until then they knew their parents were still walking the house they built and lived in all of their long lives.


  1. I've read and been told by more than one person that some people die but they don't know and keep on living their life as ghosts. and I believe it too!