Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Dream with The Dead Brother of My Boyfriend

 Illustration Dream Woods, 2007 by TJ

Dear Paranormal Corner, the story "Talking With a Dead Friend" reminded me of an experience I had 40 years ago when I was 17. 

I had met a guy and began to date him one month after his older brother had committed suicide. I had NEVER met him. A week after we started to see each other I laid down for an afternoon nap. During my nap I dreamt I was walking home from high school, when from across the street I saw a scruffy long haired man dressed in this funky green, itchy looking sweater. 

This guy walked right up too me,looked at me directly in the eyes and said "Your going to be with my brother for many years, you are too care for him, he needs you now." I didn't know this guy and said "Okay?" With that he walked away! I stood there thinking how weird was that? Then I awoke, still really puzzled! 

A few days after that my new BF took me to meet his sister. She brought out a family photo album and showed it too me to get familiar with the family. As I flipped through the pages, I saw a photo of the man in my dream, dressed in that funky sweater!!!

I asked" is this a photo of Steve? Jude said "Yes Jana, how did you know, I thought you'd never met him?" I then told her my dream and she said "Oh,I believe you. Steve also visited me in a dream, in mine I was in an old house I used to live in where Steve would visit.

Many times we would discuss suicide." In my dream,the doorbell rang and it was Steve, I was cleaning and saw him at the door, when we hugged, I suddenly remembered he had died! I asked him what it was like to die? (Steve jumped from our famous Aurora Bridge and died from a burst aorta). Steve replied" It was quite a shock at first, especially when I realized I wasn't dead! I was shown Jude that it's just wrong to kill yourself and they let me come too tell you that and that I'm okay but now must come back to finish my mission on Earth. 

Then Jude woke up. That boyfriend and I ended up staying together until we were 30 years old and I could no longer help him. I know I spoke to a dead man and he told me the truth. Mahalo, Jana

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