Friday, February 22, 2013

The Invisible Goody Bag

This story was shared with us by Hans, he experienced this at his new home in Berlin, back in 2009.

I had just moved into my new place, as the landlord handed me the keys he told me they were the only pair and asked me if I could make some duplicates and give them to him because he was just so plain busy he didn't get a chance to do that himself.

Already the first night I noticed something was odd at the apartment, lights would turn on or off at no warning, things seemed to get misplaced in an instant. I would put something down, turn away and when I turned back just moments later the item would have disappeared only to be nearby in another place, I did not leave it at. After days of events like this I was actually starting to wonder if I had started go insane. I still had not made extra copies of the keys yet but, was planning to do so the very next day.

Then it happened, got home after a long and tiresome day, I just bought a big bag of picket mix candies and placed it on the middle of the living room table. when i got back from the bathroom the big was was gone. I looked everywhere for it, and it was no where to be found. then on the hour 7 days later it appeared again on the table, at this timeI just turned away to get something to drink and when I returned there was the missing big bag of candy,on the middle of the table, on the very spot I had placed it on one week earlier when it mysteriously disappeared. When I had copies of the keys made and brought them home,they also disappeared for a bit less then a week and then, were found again just where I put them down at. During my stay in the house. many things have simply disappeared only to be found later just where I would lay them down. 

I seriously wonder what was going on in that house and if anyone has any ideas what this could been I would love to hear your suggestions.

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  1. This happened to me and a roommate.....had a psychic tell us we had a playful entity and if we acknowledged him/her and asked for the stuff back, it would worked! His name was Gidion.