Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Countess and Old Billy In The Bull

Courtesy of Wikimedia commons

This story is of a more explicit nature than usual for our Paranormal Corner Blog. We therefore warn that some might find the aroused descriptions offensive. This story was shared with us by Brigitte and Nils in Moorhead, Minnesota.

This happened back a few years ago while we still had a small diary farm, one of our neighbors, Old Billy used to come over quite frequently sometimes just to talk the latest gossip especially to visit Brigitte which he referred to as "The Countess" and other times to be social with the farm animals. One of our young black Angus bulls, Markos especially bonded with Old Billy with a mutual respect and reverence between the two.

Now Old Billy had always been quite a ladies man, and he was well known for his conquests and charm back from his more youthful years, and now still in his advanced age he still pursued the females he fancied, among his favorites were "The Countess". Old Billy would spend hours a day watching as Brigitte worked with the animals, both admiring the bond of the farmers and the animals themselves.

Then in the spring Old Billy had a hearth-attack and passed away. All were as normal at the farm, until about one week after Billy´s funeral, suddenly the one bull Markos, that was the favorite of Old Billy started to act strangely. He did not seem quite like himself at all, at first Brigitte and Nils ignored his tantrums, and they knew there was no cow in heat at that time. Then Nils noticed that their one and a half year old prized black Angus bull, Markos, was responding to Brigitte while she was working with one of the cows across from Markos The Bull, when she would bend over to clean the cows utter, her butt faced the bull and he would get all aroused, breathing heavily, pacing in his stall and show every bit of the response one would expect of a bull when he senses the pheromones of a cow in heat. 

When Nils made Brigitte aware that the bull was responding to her she could not believe him in their 25 years of farming they had never seen a single bull act like this before, and on top of that this new behavior was so out of character for this quiet kind and docile bull which now acted aroused watching Brigitte work. She continued working thinking it would pass, but it did not pass, days went by with the bull behaving this way every day. After double checking to see if any of the cows could be in heat Nils and Brigitte confirmed there was no cows in heat and if so the other bulls would have responded to.

  Brigitte grew tired of this and figured now, if the bull is truly responding to her as if she is a cow in heat just from observing her working, she decided to see how he respond to a less discreet behavior, she walked over to the bull and flashed her breasts at him, the bull went totally bananas , tongue out, breathing heavily, moaning, groaning and fully exposed himself at the sight of Brigitte. Brigitte tried the same with the other bulls but they hardly even gave her a glance, and continued their usual grazing while the Markos became more and more agitated. Brigitte continued like this for a while until Nils had to tell her to stop, since he was getting concerned the Bull would hurt himself in his bound up but more than ever before aroused stage, that he had ever observed in any bulls.

Then all of the sudden it struck Brigitte, this is Old Billy and I am "The Countess",  he came back and is now inside Markos The Bull, She walked calmly over and said, "Old Billy I know it is you!" Please stop this behavior. The bull looked her deep in the eyes, and all of a sudden it was like the face of the bull changed, he looked down and whatever that had possessed him was now gone and he turned into a everyday run of the mill ordinary bull. In just one instant this day of constantly aroused behavior whenever Birgitte was inside working now turned normal, she even tried flashing her breasts and mooning herself and the bull no longer responded any different than any of the other bulls would. 

Old Billy never again took hold of any of the Bulls after he was exposed. Brigitte and Nils still to this day remembers this truly strange experience and they believe it was Old Billy which at that point had not quite let go of his worldly desire for "The Countess" Brigitte.

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