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Huaka'i Pō - The Nightmarchers of Hawaii

There are actually a few different kind of nightmarchers in Hawaii, depending what type of warriors the night marchers trail were originally made up of, there are also several variants of the legends on the processions and what would happen to those that encounter these wandering warriors of the past.

Many Nightmarcher trails are well known among these in Laie, and in the Manoa Valley. People report everything from hearing distant drums, barking of the warriors dogs, seeing the light of their torches farther up the trail, and some even say they have seen the night marchers marching with full warriors entire. There are many dangers that are supposed to be connected to being spotted by the Night marchers, and how the only way to avoid the dangers are to show total respect, and even then one are said to require a relative in the Nightmarchers procession in order to not be whisked away, or fall dead to the ground right were one stands.

The Night marches or in Hawaiian (Huaka'i Pō) travel through out the islands of Hawaii to do as they always done and, that is protect their home. They are the ghost of Hawaii's warriors. On the nights of Kane Lu lono, Akua or, on the night of kaloa they leave their burial grounds and they march all through many sections of the islands. The Nightmarchers  will march out to battles of the past and they will also march out to several of the places that are considered grounds. Hawaii's Night Marchers leave their final resting places about sunset and will walk and march the islands of Hawaii until sunrise. I have also heard of a few daytime sightings. Daytime sightings are usually only witnessed when the Night Marches are going out to guide and escort a dying relative to the spirit world.
Illustration Guerrier des Iles Sandwich. Drawing by Jacques Arago from 1819, 
depicting a Hawaiian Warrior wearing a helmet with a mushroom ornament crest.
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Right before the Night marchers come upon one, You can usually hear their drums beating and there have been reports of hearing chanting, dogs barking and one can see the Night Marchers torch lights from a distance. According to legend it is best to leave the area when you see or hear any of these things in to save yourself form death if seen by a Night marcher. However, if you don't have time to escape the Night Marchers, it is said that if you lay down, face down on the ground it is a show of respect and that the Night marchers (might not) harm you. Some even say that lying face down prevents the Night marchers from noticing you. However, I would rather leave the area if I had time to get away.

If you live in an area near the Nightmarchers trail and you hear the chanting, drums torch lights and a foul smell. You must go indoors to protect your self. If the Nightmarchers sees you, the only way to avoid death is to be in the bloodline of one of the Nightmarchers. if a member of the persuasion knows you and you are related in that family then, no harm will come to you or so the legends say.

Some places that the Nightmarchers are said to travel is as follows...
On The Island of Oaho; Manoa Valley at the University of Hawaii Manoa Campus, Pali Highway in the majestic Koolau Mountains, at The Kamehameha Schools campus located in the Kapalama part, The Kualoa Ranch on the Windward side, Laie and at La Perouse Bay

The above mentioned are only a few of the places where Nightmarchers have been reported. However, there are many other locations where it is said that Hawaii's Night Marchers will visit. It is suggested that any night time visitors to any Night Marcher location, or even day time visitors, be very wary and alert!

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