Saturday, July 27, 2013

When Animals Heal Humans Injury by Force

 Norwegian Red Cow with Horns, same breed as the one 
my mother and grandmother kept at their farms. 
Photo by Ernst Vikne 2009, Norway, cortesy of Wikimedia commons

My mother had problems with her back and spine for years, an old back injury from when she fell as a child while playing with her brothers and sisters at their farm.

The only solution the doctors had for her back problems were pain management, she had been to therapist, chiropractors, specialists of all sorts and even went to acupuncture and none of them were able to do more than short term relief but never able to fix the problem.

Now at the age of 53 something happened one of the cows for no reason gave her a power nudge strong enough to make her fly from infront of the cow all the way above the back of the cow and then about 5 yards until she hit the iron grates behind the cows that is used for removing manure. Never had her back looked this bad, it was purple and blue from the neck to the lower spine, all numbed up but not swollen. It also happened that she was scheduled to see the chiropractor later that week, which she figured would be a good thing so he could check out the injury the cow had caused to her already existing old back problems.

The Chiropractor was totally put out by the amount of brusing on my mothers back, and immidiately had her get some x-rays and see if there was anything he could do. When he returned with the new x-rays he had a big smile on his face, he could tell my mother her spine was no longer crocked, there was no sign of injury to the spine, so impressed was he with the change of the before and after x-ray images that he had several other doctors come over and look at them, and check out the impressive bruising on her back and spine. The now group of specialists could tell the muscle tissue on the back was healing normally, since that day when the cow smashed her against the wall her back has not been troubling her anymore. My mothers doctor even told her that she must have had some mighty angels guarding her because based on the amount of force her back had suffered in the fall it should have smashed it not streightned it out and healed the old injury from 45 years earlier.

My grandmother also had something similar happening to her, she had one year previous hurt her thumb on her left hand, making that hand less than half usefull, now one the bulls at her farm had a fierce look in his eyes, he kept staring at her hand, and as soon as my grandmother got close enough he bounced and pressed the thumb on her left hand against the railing of the bulls booth. As she welched out in pain the bull stopped reared and looked at her like, now you can go. Within a few hours my grandmother realized the thumb was no longer in pain and when she checked she was able to move it again, it was totally healed from the one year old injury, and she never had any problems with that hand or thumb again.

The last example is a experience I had myself as a child, I was my first day of chickenpox and our tomcat Pelle gave me this deep stare, he was the gentlest of cats and he was always with me wherever I went, he had never hurt me but this time he walked streight up to me stared me in the eyes and then at a peticular big pox on the middle of my nose. Lightning fast he struck it with his claws out and then walked away like there my work is done, your pox is done. within 24 hours of that my pox were gone, leaving me with less than 2 full days of the chickenpox, while all my cousins had it for almost a week and one even had it for 10 days, they were mad at me for being able to come over to visit when I contracted it after them and I now was already immune. I often wonder what was it our grey tomcat Pelle did, since he seemed to know exactly what to do like the pox blister on my nose was the main one and by "slaying" it he broke the pox and forced it back before its time.

Since then, I have heard many accounts of people's pets making them well again. In each account, the pet would look at it's sick owner in a strange way and then almost attack their owner by scratching them or, biting them or, kicking them and even licking them and then as magic, their owner gets well very fast. My question is, How do our pets know we are sick and how do they know what to do to make us better again ?

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