Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Smell of Cologne

I had a very close friend that died several years ago. I talked about my friend in the Talking With A Dead Friend entry.

My friend use to every once in a while wear cologne. I forget what the brand name of it was but I will never forget the smell of it. I do remember him telling me it was a very expensive cologne. I am sure it was because my friend one one of these guys that every hair had to be in place and his clothes always had to looked freshly pressed.

The cologne he at times would wear was really nice and I never have sensed the smell of it again since his death until late last night. I was sitting outside late night on the porch. I notice the scent of his cologne for the first time in 12 years. I looked and their was no one near me. I felt good about it but also felt lonely so, I went inside and up the stairs and went to bed. I tried to sleep but couldn't. I tossed and turned for two hours. Then all of a sudden, it seemed as if the scent of his cologne filled my bedroom. I got out of bed and turned the light on. looking around to see where all this was coming from. I went down stairs and the scent was every where. I knew at that point something was up but I went back upstairs and thought the only thing I could do was go back to bed.

As I walked into my bedroom, I saw a form, a smoky looking human form. the form looked like my dead friend and when I spoke it, It disappeared that quick.
I asked my friend to let me see him and to talk to me as he did the first time about 10 years ago but, this time, he didn't. He went away that quick, no reason or explanation at all he just disappeared as fast as he appeared and then just as fast, the scent of his cologne was also gone.

I guess, sometimes are loved ones that are gone from this earth, just want to come back from time to time to check on us and make sure we are OK.

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  1. Obviously, your friend wanted you to know without a doubt that he was still watching over you because as you noted, the scent was everywhere in the house. It must be a very comforting feeling.

  2. Yesterday I smelled the cologne of a man I used to work with. He died several years ago after collapsing in my office. I work in a hospital and we called a code blue, but could not save him. We are going to be moving offices next week and are in preparations in packing up. I smelled this while sitting at my desk. I called others into my office and they smelled it, too and said it was strongest where he had been on the floor. It was not coming through the vents as it did not smell anywhere else except in my office. One of the people that came into my office got spooked and left, but myself and the other co-worker thanked the deceased for coming to check on us and that we would be okay. Then the smell dissipated.