Monday, November 8, 2010

What is Paranormal?

We all hear and see so much today about the paranormal. I have found that a lot of folks get confused about what actually is and is not paranormal. I decided to do a entry about the term paranormal to hopefully help clear that situation for anyone who may get the definition confused.

The definition of paranormal is simply ... A experience that can not be explained by logic or by science. The paranormal comes in many different forms. There is Remote Viewing, Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), UFO's, Aliens, UltraterrestrialsTelekinesis, ReincarnationsGhosts, Precognition, Demons and Angels only to name a few.

A ghost is a spirit or apparition, a dead person or animal, that can manifest it self to the living for what ever reason is feels it needs to do so.

Remote Viewing
Remote viewing is when one has the psychic ability to get information about a  person or object that is far away and cannot be seen from where one is at the time of that viewing.

Precognition is basically when one has foreknowledge of an event.

Extra Sensory  Perception  (ESP)
ESP is being able to perceive  information about things, places, people, events, without using normal senses to do so.

So, there you go. People all over this world claim to have had one or more of these situations happen to them. They do happen. I have had my own experiences with a few of them myself. the thing about them is They are for real but we can not explain them through science or logic. That makes all these PARANORMAL. We know what happens however, we don't know why or exactly what makes any of these situations happen.

There are many more events that are considered paranormal. However, in the interest of time I will save them for a later blog entries. Many events are at first considered to be paranormal later to be debunked, and be considered to be perinormal or determined to be a real phenomena, one example of this is EMF (Electromagnetic Field) which for a long time was not acknowledged to be a real phenomena at all by science.

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