Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Sacred Power of the Ti leaf

The Ti Plant, also known as Ki, Cordyline fruticosa
Photo by PJ, Honolulu, Hawaii 2005

This is another story shared by Loa and it is about the power of the mysterious Ti leaf, as experienced by her mother when she was a little girl.

One day my grandmother asked my mother to go pick ti leaves, so my mother went around looking for some. My mother noticed that the vacant house next door had an abundance of ti leaves growing in their backyard, so she decided to save time by picking all the leaves she needed there. She noticed that the ti leaves were planted in a circle and thought that was a little weird, but that did not stop her. When my mother got home, my grandmother was trilled to see all the ti leaves and asked my mother "where did you get them from?" My mother responded "Oh, I got them from next door." My grandmother's mouth dropped open and immediately called the medicine man. 

When the medicine man arrived my grandmother quickly told him him the situation and they both started rubbing my mother down with a special ointment that was made by the medicine  man. My mother was so confused on what was going on. She remembers that as night came my grandmother and medicine man  surrounded her in the living room and started to do their ritual. The medicine man chanted in a foreign language and my grandmother being a devout catholic, prayed. My mother remembers that all of a sudden all the windows and doors started rattling like someone was trying to get in,but my grandmother and the medicine man kept on with their ritual until it all stopped.

The next morning my grandmother explained to my mother that the ti leaves she picked were in a circular pattern for a reason. They were surrounding an ancient Hawaiian burial ground for evil kahunas (Hawaiian priest or traditional healer) of long ago. The Ti leaves that my mother picked were planted there long ago by ancient Hawaiians to keep the evil spirits from roaming free, so when my mother picked them she released those spirits.

That same day the medicine man replanted every single ti leaf back in its original place and did a chant of forgiveness. The spirits were back to where they belong and my mother till this day always tells us, her children "Make sure you get permission before picking ti leaves"

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  1. That is amazing! That is educational for me. And most people would just blow that of to cercumtance. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Awesome tale about listning, not taking the easy way, and always asking before you take things that don't belong to you .

  3. It's an interesting example of bi-religious beliefs. Though they were Catholic they still remained faithful to their Hawaiian religious traditions.