Sunday, November 7, 2010

Perinormal Phenomena

Today let us examine the term Perinormal Phenomena. Perinormal comes from the words Peri meaning near and normal (near-normal). Basically, the term Perinormal Phenomena means it is something that comes up in an investigation that at first cannot be explained by science or logic by the investigators. Therefore that event, may be it a sound or a shadow or whatever, is labeled paranormal.

For instance, a very high electromagnetic field reading (EMF) may at first be considered paranormal. However, once the investigators have the electric system looked at by a licensed electric company employee, they can then tell that there is a logical reason for the high EMF reading and at that point it then becomes Perinormal and not paranormal.

A strange sound may seem paranormal at first and sometimes it indeed can be paranormal but there are times when the investigators by reviewing the evidence will be able to find the source for that strange sound and at that point that sound becomes Perinormal instead of paranormal.

So during a so called haunting, allot of things are labeled paranormal at first. However in doing the evidence review and other test, sometimes some things considered paranormal often become Perinormal. Another example experienced by a lady named Eva, later proved to be Perinormal (see Angel Feathers).

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