Sunday, November 21, 2010

Never Be Mean to a Stranger

Photo by PJ, Honolulu, Hawaii 2005

 This is a true story that was shared with me by Loa in Honolulu Hawaii, and it all happened to her grandmother's sister back in old Hawaii.

A long time ago, roughly 30-40 years ago, my great aunt experienced a life-changing event. My aunt was always known from what I have heard as the meanest person around. One day she was riding the bus home from work like she always did and as usual she was tired, grumpy, and anxious to get home. Well on her way home she met an older, homeless lady that asked her for a dollar. Like always, my aunt not only rudely refused the old lady, but she also had some hard words for her and went about her way, the old lady bitterly said to my aunt "That is going to cost you more than a dollar!". As her bus came to her final stop, she could see her husband, my uncle waiting for her like he always did and that is all she remembers from that day.

Well my uncle then told us that as my aunt exits the bus, he was there waiting for her as always, but this time it was different because as my aunt got off the bus, she suddenly collapsed. My uncle not knowing what was going on carried my aunt to her father. He then said that as they put her on the floor of the living room, she not only started speaking in a deep voice but was in a language they have never heard. My great-grandfather knew right away that my aunt was possessed by "something".

My great-grandfather called the family medicine man, my grandma who was a devout catholic, and some of the male family members to restrain her. As the medicine man came, he started doing his rituals and my grandmother started praying. As this session went on, my aunt started screaming in a demonic voice and she suddenly had such great force that it was hard for the men over 300lbs and 6 feet tall to hold this petite lady of 5 feet. After a few hours, she came to and without any knowledge of what just happened. My great-grandfather then told her what happened and that she could have died if it weren't for all these people that were there. She then explained the events of prior to her getting home and immediately my great-grandfather said. "That's why you should never be mean to a stranger."

Still too this today, my aunt cannot recall what happened that day, but I tell you this, she is probably my nicest aunt alive!

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  1. cool story! the world is full of MEAN people.
    wonder what happens to them if they don't change their ways before they die? maybe they are reincarnated as FIRE HYDRANTS?

  2. Loved it very amazing like all stories from our island home..Obake

  3. Wow great story! This 'medicine man' was it a Kahuna?