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Faith Linked - The Mysterious Link Between Twins

I am sure we have all heard about twins feeling each other's pain. Of which the twin can feel his brother's/sister pain. This is a phenomena that so far, cannot be explained by medical science. This is not the same as a mother being able to tell when something is wrong with her child when the child is not even in the mother's presence. That is known as a mother's intuition. However, I do feel that the link between twins is something similar but yet stronger then what we call a mother's intuition.

I will give you some situations that people have told me about as to where one twin could indeed fell the others pain  and emotions is called twin telepathy

I knew a pair of twins back home and the one twin was in a car accident and was very seriously injured. Mark and Bobby were both 13 years old. Bobby was in a car accident and Mark was at home with their parents at the time of the accident. Mark became very ill all of a sudden and complained of pain all over and he kept telling his mom to call and check on Bobby.  His parents helped him into bed and his mom went to the other room to call the doctor. As his mother reached out to pick up the phone, it rang. When she picked it up and answered it, it was a nurse at the hospital and she explained that Bobby had been in a very bad car accident. The twins mother said they would be right there thinking that once they arrived at the hospital she could also get Mark treated for whatever was making him have so much pain. However, when she went back into Mark's room, she had found him to be OK, just nervous and once they arrived at the hospital and the doctor explained that even though Bobby was indeed in serious condition at the time, he did expect Bobby to make a full recovery. Mark was once again his own self. During the two month period that Bobby was hospitalized, Mark was able to say at the beginning of each day when he woke u, If his twin would have a good day or not  and, he stated he just could feel like he was Bobby and he knew if Bobby was OK or not.

There also has been much written about one twin thinking of the other and that other come to find out has received good news or has won large amounts of money. However, most time when one twin fells something about the other twin it usually is something serious and and bad that is going on with the other twin.

I came across a web site with some more information on twins for you if you would want to check it out. The link is as follows and will give you even more information about twins.

There are two types of twins, first we have fraternal twins and then there are identical twins. Even though the telepathy can happen between fraternal twins as well, most of the time it happens between Identical twins much more even though of all the twin births in this country per year, only 8 percent are that of identical twins.

Documented Cases of Identical Twins’ Telepathy

There are many examples of this psychic connection between twins, including these:
  • A three day old infant makes his mother aware of twin’s life-threatening situation in time to save his brother’s life.
  • Adult twin sisters, one living in Belgium, the other in the US, were chatting online and discovered they bought the same pair of pants on the same day from the same retail chain. One had cramps at the moment her sister went into labor and her sister dreamt she was holding a baby at the time her twin’s daughter was born.
  • A four-year-old girl burned her hand and her twin has an identical unaccountable blister in the same location on her body.
  • Five year old twin girls were in different stores with their parents. The father thought both were with their mother and left the store, leaving one of the sisters behind. Her twin became agitated and acted like she was in a hurry to go somewhere, then suddenly calmed down. When the family reconnected, the parents learned that the twin reacted to her sister’s distress at being seemingly abandoned and was relieved when her father returned.
  • A man slumped into a chair, holding his chest, at the same moment his twin brother, thirty miles away, was shot to death.
  • There have also been cases of twins who were adopted shortly after birth and were raised by families in different geographic locations. Some were aware of the sibling’s existence; others weren’t. When they discovered each other and met, they found they amazing similarities.

An Experiment with Identical Twin Children and Telepathy

Although both experiments were filmed for TV shows and didn’t adhere to the scientific method, it appears that there is validation that the results showed the chances of the results being coincidences are in the one in a billion range.

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