Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our Brother

Illustration photo by PJ 2010.
Sometimes those that pass before us visit us, like if our world is separated by this fence. One side is ours and the other is the world beyond.

This is another one from Chris in Hawaii.

I am the oldest of the kids in my family. My mother was expecting once before me but, she had lost the baby. Two years later I was born and 5 years after that my little sister was born. You could see the hallway from my bed room and in the hallway was a computer. One night I was in my room and I looked out into the hallway because I heard voices from out there. What i saw was this.... I saw my three year old sister talking to the computer screen. I ask her what she was doing and she said she was talking to someone.

I didn't think much of it at all because she was just a small child and I thought she was just playing pretend or something like that. However, a while later I saw her walking up the hallway with her arm raised just as if an adult was holding her hand but she was alone.

I went out into the hall and ask her what she was doing. She responded to me with this... I am walking with our brother. She then said ..he is just here to make sure we are all OK. Now my little sister never knew that mom lost a baby.  I told my mom what I saw her do and my mom starting watching her. My little sister was indeed talking to someone as she walked up the hallway. This happened about three times and then my parents had the house blessed and it never happened again.

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