Tuesday, January 25, 2011

High-Tech Angels?

Illustration by PJ 2011 - High-Tech Angel

This is in from the clairvoyant Nina of Norway, sharing some stories about angels using modern technology.

Something I have frequently heard from friends and family is how angels contacted them, not by means of direct visit but by use of modern tools like cell phones, computers and The Internet, this made me wonder are some angels more tech-savvy than others, and have they taken advantage of the new possibilities that our more technological life opens up for them.

Back before computers became common many of my relatives talked how they seemingly had gotten mysterious messages in the form of phone calls warning them about coming events or that they needed to check on the baby in order to prevent it from ending up as another crib-death.

A few years ago one of my best friends Anne-Lise described what she was 100% sure was an angel that had chatted with her online, and that this mysterious stranger even told her it was indeed a angel and it just wanted to help her out. Answering informing about her medical health, and what needed to be done in order to save her.

About 9 months ago while working on a story for this very blog, something mysterious happened to me too, someone I had never seen, heard or had on my friends-list in Facebook suddenly requested to add me with a short message that the paranormal corner group had disappeared, at this point there was another Facebook group by the name of Paranormal Corner, and behold the paranormal corner group that I also was a member in had suddenly and unexpectedly with all of its thousands of members gone missing.

I checked around and after a few hours I decided to make a new group called Paranormal Corner, and made the mysterious stranger also a administrator since he seemed very interested and helped me get started. Then just as mysteriously as he had appeared he was gone, and it made me think again. Do angels sometimes take use of our own technology in order to help us out in small or large ways?

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