Monday, January 17, 2011

A Visit From My Ex-Girlfriend's Dead Mother

This one is in from Chris, in Hawaii

My ex-girlfriend's mother had died several years ago due to cancer. I myself have never met her. I only know of her from what my then girl friend has told me and I have only seen a few photos of her.

A few years ago, My girl friend was spending the night at my house. we had some food, watched a funny movie and then we both fell asleep. After sleeping about 4 hours I woke up because nature called. I laid there to make sure I was awake enough to be able to walk to the bathroom and I got a very strange feeling came over me. As I turned over to  get out of bed I looked up in the darkness of the room and what I saw almost made my heart beat right out of my chest.

What i saw was a women standing at the side of my bed. She had long hair and was dressed in very dark clothes. There was some light coming from my computer so I could see somewhat. This woman had big eyes and she was looking down at me. I was so frightened, I didn't move for a long time. Then I got up enough nerve to reach to my bed stand and click on the light and at that minute all i saw was a shadow disappear.

I went to the bathroom and then returned to be wide awake at this point but in time I felt I could go to sleep again. I rolled over to my favorite sleeping position and once again this women was there looking down at me. Once again I laid there afraid to move at all. Then I finally reached out to click on the light again
and I saw what looked like a gray or black dust just disappear into the air.

The  next day I told my girl friend about my experience that she just slept through and she just looked at me and said. yesterday was the anniversary
of my mom's death and she comes around like that every year just to see that I am OK I guess. However, I had a bad feeling about it all. To make things even more  interesting a few nights later my girl friend and I were out to diner with her sister and her sister's boy friend. My girl friend's sister stated to that the very night I had my experience her sister was being chocked by an unknown, unseen force. Needless to say, I slept for the next few nights with the lights on.

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  1. Hmmm . . . It is possible that the dead come to watch over the living occasionally but how did this unknown, sinister force appear at the same time?! What is a warning of the future that her sister is going to be choked to death in the nearby future???????

  2. That would've scared the T-Total CRAP outta me!

  3. Very interesting and extremely scary story! Thanks for sharing.