Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Brother Remembers

This one is in from Judy

We originally started our evening out heading for the "Tunnelton Tunnel". It's a mile long railroad tunnel reported to be haunted. We arrived there right before dark. As soon as we arrived, one of the girls took out her "new toy". She had received an IPHONE with the Ghost Tracker radar. Her app printed out the words and also says them out loud. As soon as it was turned on, across at the river appeared an orb and words started popping up. "man, danger, attack, hearing" were some of what it said. Of course, with just 3 females this startled us a bit but we decided to check it out anyway. 

I did an EVP which was scrambled all the way through. We got to the sight and in front of us sat this dark, imposing tunnel. With the words echoing in our head, we decided not to trek further into the tunnel on our own. Didn't feel like we were getting "good karma", so we decided to look elsewhere.  We drove on down the road intending to look for an old mansion and a graveyard but missed them both!! ugh... It didn't look like it was going to be our night!!  We drove on into Bedford, with my friend using her GPS trying to look up an address to find a park. No such luck, it kept saying the park was right in the middle of an intersection! Remind me to second guess that GPS purchase!! lol...We had driven past a huge cemetery several times but thought nothing of it. Finally, we decided to stop in there. 

We did our usual EVP's, and walking around, even stopping at a couple of mausoleums, where one of my friends knocked on the doors saying "hello, anyone home?" Now what would we have done if anyone had answered? I would have peed myself!!  The Ghost Tracker started popping out words again, "Rome, citizen, meant, herd" so we decided we must be talking to someone of Italian background. We started searching with no luck. We stopped for a few minutes when my friend said something is pulling me down there, where we had seen some shadows, so we headed in that direction.  First tombstone I came to was written in complete ITALIAN!!! Awesome!! So we started looking some more and I was walking along the back side of one that caught my eye. A verse was on the back, "May the wind always be at your back, etc", an Irish proverb.  I walked around to the front, and saw the name McKinney. Michael Shea  "Mikey"  I turned to the others and said this is my husband's best friends nephew! He had been shot at Ball State some years before by the police. 

The Ghost Tracker right then had an orb pop up with the words "Rose and layer". I said, Mikey, do you want me to tell your Uncle Steve something? He loves you and misses you! We didn't get anything else after that.  I was shaking as I left and immediately contacted Steve. I asked him where his nephew was buried. The thing is I had no idea!! I really didn't!! He verified it was in Bedford, and that November 8 was the 7th anniversary of his death. I told him what happened and he was shook up as well.  He called me the next day and told me that Mikey's sister's name is Rose!! Her birthday was the following day and she was in town from Texas to celebrate her birthday with family in Bedford!  That wasn't the first time Mikey had visited either. His grandpa was in the hospital in Louisville during The Kentucky Derby. The grandpa told Steve that he needed to bet a horse in The Derby. He asked why? He said cause Mikey is there in the corner and said we need to! Steve says okay, what horse? Mikey says the number 5 horse. Steve bets the number 5 horse and guess what horse wins The Derby? The number 5 horse!! Amazing!  This is why I love doing what I do!!

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