Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Leprechaun like 'E'epa on the Island of Kauai

This is the encounter with an Shape-changer as it was described to me by my good friend David.

This was back when my family still lived on the Island of Kauai in Hawaii. It all happened one evening in our garden as my girl friend and I went outside to take a walk just in the outskirts of the garden both of us spotted a black cat, nothing unusual about that, but to both of our astonishment the cat shape-changed into a small male about 2 feet tall, he was not like in most Menehune sightings which describe Menehunes to have a copper brown to dark skin tone, and none of the usual traditional Hawaiian clothings instead he reminded me more to what you might describe as a gnome or a Irish leprechaun, with a tan skin tone and he was wearing a white shirt and blue green colored shorts.

The little guy looked at us and started talking with a whiny little voice, "I want to talk with you I want to talk with you, come here I want to talk with you." At this point I had problems keeping myself from laughing because it all seemed so unreal and this tiny guy with the skimpy voice made it even harder. But I went ahead and replied "Sure what do you want to talk about?" instantly he replied "Not you! NOT you, I want to talk with her" as he pointed to my girlfriend.

I asked her if she wanted to talk to the little guy and she responded with a firm "NO!" of which he turned away and despaired into the nearby shrubs bordering our garden. At this point neither one of us felt like taking a walk anymore and went back inside. I asked my girlfriend what she had experienced out there and she had the exact same experience watching the black cat turning into a 2 foot tall tiny man wearing shirt and shorts and that he spoke with a tiny voice asking to have her walk with him into the Forrest to talk with him.  We were both laughing about the experience and we wonder who else might have seen animals change shape like that and have them speak to them like he did with us.

For Menehune experiences read The Menehune at Waimanalo and The Barking Dogs at Waimanalo or if you have had any encounters with the dwarf like Menehunes or gnomish like 'E'epas or other unexplainable experiences let us know and we would love to share your experiences in our blog.

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  1. My friend had a similar experience with a leprechaun-like man on Kauai. His story is posted here on my website:

  2. You're right, this doesn't sound like Menehune. This seems more like 'E'epa!

  3. Saw a menehune in maui. Tan, not dark, very small even by dwarf standards. had dirty mens underwear on if I remember right, otherwise nude. Basically hairless. Friendly enough. I wish I communicated more... I was scared.