Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Haunted Bridges

There are many, many alleged haunted bridges across the U. S. A. and across the world, just as many stories about the events that take place on or near these bridges. We will focus on three of  the ones I thought you might be interested in reading about. The first one we will take a look at needs no build up at all at all. It would be the world famous Golden Gate Bridge. Here are some of the things people claim to have experienced at the bridge.

The Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, California
The Golden Gate Bridge opened in 1937. Since then more then 1,300 people have been said to jump off the bridge to their death. Even after all these years, people still report hearing screams  and disembodied voices through the fog late at night. There have been many reports of a phantom ship sailing under the bridge at night. Some reports claim the phantom ship to be that of the SS Tennessee. That ship wrecked and went down  in the waters at the bridge in the 1850's. back some years ago, The Golden Gate Bridge was said to be the favorite spot of those who decided to end their own lives.

Emily's Bridge, Vermont
Emily's Bridge is located in the state of Vermont. The bridge was built in 1844 and it's original name was Gold Brook Bridge. The Bridge was renamed Emily's Bridge after Emily died there. No one knows for sure how Emily died at the bridge. Some say  she somehow got  trampled by a team of horses. Others say she caused her own death by jumping off the bridge or, hanging herself  from a beam in the roof. Most people think Emily's buggy overturned on the bridge killing her. Emily's spirit is said to be hanging around the bridge both night and night, either appearing as a flickering white light or, as a strange breeze that makes one is sort of state of haziness .

Bostian's Bridge of Statesvill, North Carolina
Bostian's Bridge is in the great state of North Carolina east of Statesville. In 1891 sometime during the late part of August, train number 9 derailed on the Bostian's Bridge falling into the ravine below. The accident took 30 lives that day. Countless people have claimed that at exactly at 3 am on the anniversary of that horrible accident, It happens all over again . They claim to hear the screams of people involved in the accident, they say they hear metal twisting and the sound of the train cars hitting the ravine. However, when investigators
are at the bridge at 3AM on the anniversary of the accident, No evidence has been found for any of the claims.

Sach's Bridge of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Sachs bridge is found just outside of Gettysburg, PA, very close to the Eisenhower farm where president Eisenhower lived out his days after his term of United States president was up.  The bridge was built in 1852 by David Stoner. One story go's that three confederate soldiers deserted their unit during the Battle of Gettysburg and were  hung from the bridge as their punishment. There are several things that have been reported there, people have claimed to see a strange mist, and, appertains  also, some have said they could hear cannon fire and screams of the dying, along with the cold spots and orbs.

Jeesiöjoki Bridge into Sodankylä, Finland, Northern Europe

Durning the winter war in Finland there was many fierce and bloody battles fought all over Finland between The Soviet Russian forces against and the Finnish and their allies the Nazi Germans, the many battle of Jeesiöjoki Bridge dates back to WW2 during 1944.

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