Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Menehune of Waimanalo

Thicket of Strawberry Guavas, Photo by PJ

I just got this story from Jeff in Hawaii, Oahu.
When I was 18 years old I lived and worked at a banana farm up in the mountain ridge of Waimanalo, whenever we moved deeper into the forest we felt like we were at the mercy of the Menehunes, which in Hawaiian mythology is described as a people, as dwarfs in size, living in the deep forests and hidden valleys of Hawaii, the Menehune are though to sometimes shape-shift and appear in animal form.

Higher up the nearby old hiking trail we had a secret off beat spot which one could only get to by crawling through a 10 feet thicket of forest before entering a area of Strawberry Guava which was about 25 long in order to get to our spot of pakalolo. This time I was up there all by myself and it was 5pm, I had just entered the area of Strawberry Guavas I got this odd feeling of being watched from behind, and a strong feeling of a presence, as I turned I noticed a black dog about 12 feet away staring at me, at first I thought it was a wild dog, but I also had this eerie feeling it was something else, and what happened next I have no rational explanation to, I watched as the black dog moved 6 feet to the right towards a strawberry guava with a trunk about 1 inch thick as I watched the dog move behind the tree it did not come out on the other side. I walked over to the tree where the dog disappeared and could not find any trace of it.

Another time while I was up at the same path with a few of my friends we all got this eerie feeling of a presence, and we heard a distant soft drum beat, we moved over to a stream nearby again feeling more eerie as we looked over the edge we spotted what looked like a yellow tribal feather flume. At this point I got this feeling something ominous was about to happen, as a branch fell over us, we started running and I stumbled over some ancient barbed wire, ruining my pants and as I was there trapped I felt like something was breathing heavily in my neck. I we ran quickly back to the trail and returned home, scared, bruised and battered but luckily only lightly harmed.

You could also read more about the menehune in Jeff's other story, The Barking Dogs at Waimanalo, Another interesting story is about the menehune like 'E'epa which are similar to leprechauns in The Leuprechaun like 'E'epa on the Island of Kauai.
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  1. Jeff, Thank you for the confirmation of little people in Hawaii! When I was roaming around the Superstition Mt's In Arizona I would have feelings of being watched. At one point I came across small foot prints, about the size of a 7or8 year old child. I wondered who would let a child wander around that Mt range by it self. I checked with one of the native American native shaman. He told me that there was a whole tribe of little people lived up there. He gave me the same information on them as you gave on the Menehune. They are also shape- shifters and can take the form of animals or just vanish from sight.
    After hearing several more stories from several old prospectors that had seen and had contact with the little people, I learned that if you respect there Mt's and their way of life that they will and helped injured people till they were found by friends.
    I was in Apache Junction AZ at a Bashas store in the parking lot. A Red Chevy pick up truck passed me with what I thought were kids in the back of the truck. One waved at me and I waved back. When I took a good look at him, it was a little old man.
    I went to the Shaman again and told him what I saw. He laughed and said that that little old man had seen me in the Mt's and had looked at me as a friend

  2. Strange you should say this. I saw no dogs, but I used to live on Old Kanianaole Hwy. A few times at night I was standing outside and got a very creepy feeling and was suddenly very ill. A couple of times I heard something growling at me, as if it was right behind me. There was nothing there. I looked up history of the area and found nothing. This is the closest I have gotten to a similar experience.

  3. I was around ten or eleven years old... the family just got home from the theater it was past ten at night. Being the oldest boy I rushed into our house to turn on the lights. As I reached the kitchen area I could hear muffled sounds coming from the icebox area where the radio sat. Thinking the radio was left on I went to turn it off but the knob was already as far left in the off position. I started tracing the music to under the house and back yard when my father came around and said "what you doing?" I told him I heard music he told me to get in the house go to bed!

    A year or so later I started delivering the newspaper and met Mrs Davis who lived just a few blocks away. Found out she grew up in in our little district, she told me about the Alii's who came down from the cooler mountains to the ocean along a path where my family were living. Then for the first time I remembered hearing her mention 'Night Marchers'...the music I heard were the Night Marchers.

    From what I understand not everybody can hear their chant or see them and they only come out a certain time of the year.