Saturday, April 16, 2011

Synchronicity and Unsynchronicity

Illustration by PJ 2005

Synchronicity is defined as two or more unrelated events that seemingly seem to be connected or end up connected in a unexplainable way.

Like so much else synchronicity and unsynchronicity range from the normal non-paranormal coincidental events of bad and good luck and circumstantial oddities of statistical probabilities. What put synchronicity into the field of paranormality is when it is combined with a strong feeling of fate and a faith that there is something more going on. In those respects is it similar to coincidences which on their own does not carry with them a paranormal element as described in the entry called Coincidences, Umberellas and Cars, and the entries of unlucky numbers like 13 Myth or Reality? and Curses, Evil Eyes, Hexes and Jinxes which deals more towards unsynchonicity, another example that could be described as an example of synchronicity is in the entry Abundance, where a chakra candle was used to change the synchronicity. All it is all part of the same cosmic flow of energy of the external and internal consciousness.

In my own life I have had the feeling of something being synchronized and that this is the time to act upon this as the window of opportunity is there and one could then fortieth it or jump on it, luckily I have always been blessed with being on the better side of synchronicity, and even in times when one feel like one is trapped out of ones synchronicity one would know where to head in order to get back into the positive side of things, similar to how omens (Omens in a Coffee Cup) could work as the type of warning to avoid or at least limit the impact of a bad upcoming streak of unsynchronicity.

If one looks at the possibilities for positive and negative events that could affect your life at any moment of time, you will have a high probability of nothing major to happen either way, and some possibility of more rare things and also an extremely small probability of extraordinary things to happen to you, this is where synchronicity comes in as it deals with adjusting the probability by notifying you that something is about to happen, and if you do things right or wrong it would be a turning point in that instant of time. May this be winning a big lottery by feeling inspired to use a special non-random number like ones phone number or avoid an early demise from a freak accident by ducking down at that very instant due to an inner feeling or such.

In some aspects synchronicity is one of the few phenomenas where anybody can greatly influence their own synchronicity, each and every time one do anything this triggers a new wave of synchronic ripples that cascades and reechoes touching and rippling the synchronicity of others. When I think about it astrology probably follow much of the same pattern of thought as the modern term Synchronicity describe, only in astrology one is using the spheres of the stars in the Kodiak, the Moon and the planets to tune in to your personal synchronicity or if you want your personal karma, destiny or opportunity. 

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