Monday, April 4, 2011

The Shadow of The Fireplace

My friend Sandy and his girl friend were staying the weekend in a cozy cottage that has been in Sandy's family for generations. Although it  has been in Sandy's family all this time Sandy himself had not been to the cottage since he was a small child due to school and being busy with family commitments over the years.

Finally, one weekend Sandy had the chance to take his girlfriend to the cottage for a romantic weekend. The cottage was located in the mountains of Vermont. When they arrived, they had to hike about a mile to the cottage because it was located  a bit more then a mile off the road. Once they reached the cottage, Sandy started a fire in the fire place and they made some food and played some music. They both fell asleep in front of the fireplace.

After a while they both woke up and  retired to the sleeping area right across the room from the fireplace and  fell back asleep. After a while Sandy woke up again and he felt very strange. He said he felt like he was frozen in the position he was laying in and that was on his side facing the fire place. While laying there feeling strange, Sandy said he saw a dark shadow move across the mantel of the fire place and the wall above it. He thought at first he was just really tired and he closed his eyes for about thirty seconds. When Sandy opened his eyes again, he almost jumped out of his skin because this dark shadow was moving towards him.

Still paralyzed, he told me he had never been that afraid in his life. Sandy said the dark shadow was moving toward him and then, right before it go to him it disappeared. At that point, the paralysis disappeared and Sandy woke up his girl friend. He franticly told her what he he had just experienced. His girl friend was so sleepy that she just told him his eyes were playing tricks on him and not to worry about it. Sandy told her at that point that he was pretty frightened by all of this and she told him to try to get some sleep.

Sandy was too shaken to even think about sleep. This shadow would move from the mantel and head towards Sandy every few minutes. This kept going on for about two hours and then stopped. The dark shadow had seemed to stop. Sandy finally fell asleep about dawn.

The next afternoon Sandy and his girl friend were talking about his frighting experience from the night before. His girl friend reminded Sandy that his grandfather died in that cottage some years ago. She told Sandy that maybe it was his grandfather just checking to make sure that Sandy was ok and doing well. So that night when the couple went to bed, Sandy talked to his grandfather and assured him that things were ok and that he was taking care of all things that needed to be taken care of in his life. All of a sudden, Sandy said this warm, loving feeling came over him and he knew then, that the shadow was indeed his grandfather checking in on the grandson he loved so much in life. he felt he no longer had to be afraid.

That day and early evening, A huge snow storm had started. The winds started  were high and by morning the roads blocked by drifts. Sandy and his girl friend had to stay in the cottage three more days. However, at night, there were no more dark shadows and no more uneasy feelings in the cottage and Sandy and his girl friend both slept well.

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