Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stigmata - The Marks of Crucifixion

A Stigmata is when a person bares the marks of the crucifixion of Christ. The first case of Stigmata was that of Saint Francis of Assisi in the year 1224. Saint Francis of Assisi had the marks of the wounds Christ suffered during his crucifixion. The marks appear on the body mostly on the hands and feet of the person experiencing the phenomena. Others that have been reported to experience the Stigmata have been Giovanna Bonomi in the year 1670 and Domenica Lazzari in 1848. There have also been many reports over time that a person heart can show the markings of the stigmata. Back in year 1671 Charles of Sezze was found to have a mark through the middle of his heart as if a spear went through it and in year 1691 Caterina Savell experienced the same. Saint Teresa Avil also had the spear mark through her heart and as Saint Avil along with the other two, these marks through the heart have been discovered post-mortem. The best known Stigmatic is that of Padre Pio. His Stigmata started in the year 1918 and he had his stigmata marks for 50 years. As of date a Stigmata is more often then not associated with the Catholic faith.

People who truly have a Stigmata usually also have paranormal experience as well. The paranormal experiences seem to go hand in hand with the Stigma.
Some of the paranormal experiences that have been reported to happen to those with the stigmata are visions, channeling of  messages and, bi- location, when one can be seen in two places at once.

There are those who say that the paranormal has nothing to do with religion or ones faith. I myself, think that God and Christ are very paranormal due to the fact that they both can do many things that cannot be explained by science or logic and that alone is paranormal.

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  1. Jose you are well wondered about some things and you gave birth to a thought that someone can receive stigmata by being hit by celestial spear. Thing similar happened to me. I have supernatural structure on my left hand pulse in meaning of Spear of Destiny. On my right hand pulse I have two triangles and rhomboidal super structure. I also have stigmata on top of my hands but I do not a bleed. My stigmata looks like well cut scars golden as my skin. I am the owner of newly discovered solar system ribbon by NASA IBEX satellite and I own keys of Earths magnetosphere. On my site you can learn more about stigmata what the blog is about. Nice thought Man.

  2. I feel that stigmata is present in the lower astral emotional energy sphere. It is an energy of emotional disorder that one can tap in to.
    Has nothing to do with God, only ego. God has no such interest in our bodies as far as I know. Only an interest in the spiritual growth of our Soul. Stigmata is not a sign of devotion. If you have it you need spiritual and psychological help. There is a karmic price to pay for black and white magic alike. Hurting youself has a price too.

    1. I was born with mine..others came with terrible injuries. Born with a defect to my right rib cage with a large indentation and did have heart trouble from it, but my heart has healed over time. I have the scars to my forehead, wrists and ankles which came from terrible injury. Spent 10 days in the hospital saving my left hand.
      I remember the first as a child to my left ankle and pain rushed through my body it seemed like the skies opened up and a voice came to me, and I swear my body levitated.
      Told my mother, but she said things like that aren't possible.
      My father being a carpenter and me being one hasn't helped and I don't speak of such things, but others notice and always mention it.
      No one knows the half of it, and the entire experience scares me to death.
      Visions, memories not mine, being able to press my will with a thought, and screwed up empathetic experiences are very disturbing.
      I'm very skeptical but have had way too much happen and can't turn a blind eye to me anyone?