Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mother Spirit Looking For Her Baby

Photo by Rinko Kawauchi

This is a story my very good friend Masaki shared with me. He is a 28 year old Japanese guy, who lives here on Honolulu. A short while ago he told me about an experience he had when he was 15 years old and shook him up so much that he never forgot it. Now, Masaki was never one to put much stock into anything paranormal still, when he thinks about this experience, he ends up shaking.

At the time, Masaki was living in Tokyo and it all happened while on a summer school field trip with his class and a few instructors. The field trip took them to the city of Nagano. As they were all checking into the hotel, the desk clerk told us that during the second world war, a young mother became separated from her baby. No one knows what ever happened to the baby but the mother was killed during the war on the spot where the hotel now stands. They were also told that if they heard a women calling out a name, not to respond to it in any way because, it would be the  spirit of the young mother looking for her child and, if they did respond, the mother would take their spirit thinking it was her child and would take them off into another world.

That night, Masaki could not sleep, he just laid there awake and thought it was because he was he was excited about the next day going around in Nagano because he had never been there before. At some point Masaki got out of bed to go to the bathroom. Once he was finished in the bathroom he walked back to his bed again. At that point Masaki heard a young women call out a name, It was his name, he looked around from where he was standing and saw nothing unusual and saw no one else in the room. Not knowing what else to do Masaki crawled back into bed and laid there and he continued to hear his name called out by a young women. Every time he heard his name being called out. It sounded like the voice was closer and closer to him until, he threw the cover up over his head in fright. He did not respond to what he heard and he lay there shaking. Finally, the calling of his name stopped and he somehow he fell asleep.

Now can a 15 year old boy have an active imagination? Yes. Could it have been hotel staff playing a joke on him? yes but, not likely. Or, could it simply be that the young women's spirit was there still looking for her baby? You bet it could be.

Today Masaki visits Nagano on a regular basis for the company he works for here in Hawaii. However, he never stays at the hotel where this happened. However he always stays at a different one.

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  1. Interesting. I would have grabbed a camera and starting taking photos but that is just me.
    Good story.

    I am putting you on my blog so I can follow you:)