Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Residual Energy - Genius Loci - The Spirit of a Place

Illustration by PJ 2006 "Genius Loci" Norway

There are many types of hauntings, intelligent, poltergeist, spirits, demonic and then you have Residual Energy hauntings.

Genius Loci or The spirit of a place as it is also referred to could be looked upon as the residual energies of those that lived, still live, died and visited the place, each and one of them leaving some residual imprint that now and then repeat part of the things that happened there in the form of residual energy released in the form of a repetitive energy haunting, this is a non-intelligent residual energy haunting.

We create energy everyday. Our bodies give off energy. So residual energy is like an imprint of what we created. Every time you become happy, sad or feel fear, anger or, love you create an imprint of energy. A strong energy imprint can last for many many years and it seems to become recharged when similar events or emotional energy repeats itself in the place, like that of a married couple arguments or reenactments refuels the genius loci of the things that happened decades and centuries before.

If you hear a sound or, see a apparition or a shadow almost anything at the same time of day or night then you might be experiencing residual energy. Residual energy is stirred up by the living when we do or say something that has to do with  the reason the energy imprint was left in the first place. It is we the living that stir up residual energy.

To the best of my knowledge, residual energy cannot harm you because it is not intelligent. It is only activated by the people around it and, it can not communicate with the living. It has been said before that almost half of all hauntings,  are residual hauntings. Therefore, those  are not haunted at all. they are simply left over energy from a person or an event that a person went through.

That person could indeed be dead but that person who left that energy imprint could very well still be alive. However, as I stated earlier if a person is dead then if that person left residual energy, only a person who is still alive can stir that energy up and get it going.

Residual energy has no intelligence. It has no feeling or will of it's own. It has no control over anything at all it is in effect a reflection and recollection of what once was, but still is in full represents the atmosphere of that location. Intelligent haunting can also get refueled by similar events repeating themselves in the area but then this is because of the spirit recognizes what is happening to be similar to what might have caused their demise and inability to let go of the location in the first place.

These residual energies would feel like they are good, evil or neutral depending on the imprints that the genius loci are built up of.

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  1. Actually I would disagree with several of your comments, Jose. The theories you cited and claim to understand are nothing new and I would not be so quick to assume that most people are, as you stated, "ignorant" on the subject. In fact, it doesn't really sound like you have that strong of a grasp on those theories either.

    I also have to disagree with your analogy, likening it to a stuck computer screen. The theory behind residual hauntings, also known as restligeists (German loan word from restlich meaning "residual" and geist meaning "ghost"), can be more accurately described as repeated playbacks where the strong energy behind previous "memories" creates an imprint. It can often be attributed to a traumatic event, life-altering event, or a routine event of a person or place, like an echo or a replay of a videotape of past events. A residual haunting, unlike an intelligent haunting, does not directly involve a spiritual entity aware of the living world and interacting with or responding to it.

  2. my boyfriend got shot ,murdered in the back yard. he lived in the garage. he died on side walknext to garage.i took a picturebobs face was in garage screen doorand a huge demon appeared to be covering the entire garage. he has snake eyes fangs horns hooks and bobs face is in his mouth help 8582227773

  3. When I was in Corpus Christi, Texas, I visited the museum dedicated to Selena, who was murdered in 1995. The studio in which she recorded her music is connected to it,and when I was given a tour of it by her brother-in-law,who works there, I felt an energy in that room like you wouldn't believe. I can only assume that it was the residual energy left from the many hours she'd spent there. I've never experienced this feeling before, or since.

  4. You say To the best of my knowledge, residual energy cannot harm you because it is not intelligent.Oh yes it is because its MULTIDEMINSIONAL and Quantum so are Humans the DNA or the junk DNA is not junk.