Sunday, October 31, 2010

His Mother's Wedding Ring

I once worked with a young man that was married and had one child. His name is Danny. We became instant friends at work, when we went out we would be taking his wife and my gf along and do things like bowling, movies and BBQ's. The four of us became very good friends.

I didn't know this at the time but, Danny's mother had been murdered several years ago when he was like 7 years old. At this time he was a 27 year old outgoing, friendly, and caring person. On night Danny's wife called and was asking for help. She told me that all day long Danny had been walking around talking to his dead mother and she could not seem to bring him out of it. His wife was very concerned and said that if either her or their little girl would say anything to Danny, He just ignored and continued walking all around talking to his deceased mother. His wife was beginning to think that Danny was loosing it. My girl friend and I went directly over to Danny's house. Once there we found Danny walking all through the one story home talking to what seemed to be his deceased mother.

I walked over to Danny and ask him if he was OK and I put my hand on his shoulder, he just kept on walking and talking like I was not even there. He would walk around and talk to her and then would be quiet as he waited for her reply. Now Danny did not do drugs and, he didn't drink either. I ask his wife if he was on any medication and she answered no.

I kept hearing Danny asking his mother about a ring. I quickly called his sister who lives in another state and ask her if she knew what he was talking about. Her answer was that when their mother was buried, his sister put a ring on her finger for her to be buried with. She put the ring (The mother's wedding ring) on her finger right before the casket was closed and locked, several people saw this. His sister also told me that after the service, Danny said to her that his their mom had promised him the ring. His mother told him that when he became older she would give him the ring for good luck & love in his life. It really was the only thing Danny had to remember his mother by.

I still thought Danny was loosing it  and I told my girl friend to call 911. As she did that, she came back from the phone call asking what was this ring she found on the table beside the phone. When Danny saw the ring he started to cry and just kept thanking his mother for it. The ambulance arrived and did take Danny to the hospital and he was diagnosed with having an extreme anxiety spell.

Now here is the thing... Three days later when Danny's sister arrived she confirmed that the ring  my girl friend found was indeed their mother's wedding ring. However, their mother was indeed buried with the ring on her finger.

So, how did the ring get there on the phone stand? Was Danny really talking to his mother and was she really answering him back? All I know for sure is  as I stated before, Danny;s sister did confirm the ring my girl friend found was indeed Danny's mother's wedding ring. We also know, the ring was on his mother's finger at the time of burial.  guess we will never know where that ring came from.

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