Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sightings of deceased family members

Bjørnøygata in Tromsø, Norway

I myself have known several people that swear they have had conversations with deceased family members. These people insist that the conversations they say they have had with deceased family members happened to take place while they were awake. Not that an experience such as that is in all reality not possible. I seem to think that it is indeed possible.

A few years ago I did myself experience something like this while living in Norway could have sworn that I saw my Mother who had been dead for five years. I was also very awake at the time as it was early afternoon. I was standing out on the porch of the house I lived in located in Tromsø, Norway. I looked over across the street and saw my Mother standing there and she waved at me to come over to her then, she just disappeared.

My Mother was always one to believe that we should not move to other countries so I took it as being her saying to me it is time to move back to the United States. The fact that my Mother had indeed died five years earlier made no difference to me. It was real or, at least it was real to me. She died at age 80. However, when I saw her in this vision or what ever one would call it she looked as she did when she was in her 50's.

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  1. spirits are everywhere, they are shape shifters , can take on any form, you cant go by what you see, most arent direct voice but telepathic.whisperes . or long drawn out words, real fast whispers, etc. the only ones ive seen to use direct voice are angels, good and bad. most will appear in solid form, if you have a instant camera handy, the best to catch them, you can see them draw ecto from some one to form, i happened to catch this a couple times.