Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Dead Soldiers at Jeesiöjoki Bridge into Sodankylä

The Bridge over Jeesiöjoki into Sodankylä, Northern Finland

Here is a contribution experienced by TJ when she was on vacation, visiting Sodankylä in Finland earlier this year. Sodankylä, which actually translates to the war village in English, is one of the most important towns in Northern Finland, and a crossroad where the larger river Kitinen on the eastern side of Sodankylä split up into the stream of Jeesiöjoki on the west side.

My experience here was felt when passing over the bridge across Jeesiöjoki, going into Sodankylä on the road that crosses in from Rovaniemi, as I crossed the bridge I got the feeling of fallen solders watching me, then the lost spirits of these fallen soldiers started following me, I told them firmly in Finnish that I was not the light they were seeking for, they stopped, but one could feel them watching, the horror of the soldiers battle filled me and it put me in a state of disappear.

Then when I returned to go back home and crossed the same spot I felt them again but this time they did not follow, since I had instructed them that I was not their light. The horror of what happened at this battle still is with me now two months after my experience while on vacation in Finland.

When I checked it out later I found out that it must have the soldiers that fell in the battles fought there in 1944 during the Second World War. This is not the first time I have had experienced things like this, I have found that spirits seem to want to follow me unless I inform them not to do so, but the experience while in Finland was one of the strongest ones I have experienced in all my years.
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  1. What a fascinating account of your experience! It is so heartbreaking though that there are so many souls that are not at rest. I was just curious to know if you thought about maybe trying to cross them over?

  2. This blog is pretty good.
    I live in Sodankylä, and have crossed that same bridge many times. I've never given any attention to these kind of things, but now after I read this post I suddenly started to feel like someone is watching me.