Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Hauntings of the Gettysburg Battlefield

The Battle of Gettysburg July 2. 1863

Gettysburg, Pa. is one of the most haunted towns in the United States if not the world. It is safe to say that there are places all over Gettysburg that are haunted. Some of these hot spots are; Devils Den, Rose Farm, Triangular Field, Culps Hill and Cemetery Hill.

The Devil's Den

Actually, Devil's Den was haunted even before the battle of Gettysburg, Native Americans reported a battle there, and that is why the name Devil's Den was given to it. People have reported being approached by apparitions at Devil's Den as well as being touched while at this location. I myself have been at Devils Den and each time have felt as if I was being watched and two times have seen a purple haze on the top of the rocks. A Purple haze has been reportedly seen all over the battlefield.

The Rose Farm

Another place that is one of the most haunted places on the battle field is the Rose Farm. The Rose Farm was used as a makeshift hospital after the battle. Very,very many soldiers died at the Rose Farm and most were buried outside the farmhouse in rows. There has been many reports from both visitor and locals alike who say they have  seen apparitions there and people do warn others not to go to the Rose Farm or Devil's Den. I have been at the Rose farm and I have seen partial apparitions on two occasions both  times outside the house around the area where the soldiers were buried.

The Triangular Field

The Triangular Field has been reported by many to be haunted it has long been said and, I myself have experienced that electrical equipment will not work there. Things such as cameras not working, batteries of all kinds suddenly drained of power, radios stop working there, both car and two way radios. I remember a time when my friend and I went to Triangular Field to check it out for ourselves. We took three photos and the camera itself did work at first but then died on us a few minutes later and also, on our third trip there our car battery did indeed die on us. My friend had his own dark room and when he developed the three photos, they all three came out  with just a blue/gray color to them. NO photo, just a solid blue/gray back ground with no photo at all.

The Culps Hill

Culps Hill and Cemetery Hill. It is reported that at both places one can smell vanilla and peppermint from the scented handkerchiefs the locals would put across their mouths and nose in the days after the battle. If they didn't cover them then, they would throw up  due to the smell of dead bodies rotting in the hot July sun. Also there have been reports of locals and visitors seeing ghost in the form of a huge mist or haze wondering the hills. I have been both places and I have never smelled anything unusual However, I have indeed seen the strange mist. Another place where there have been reports of phantom regiments is up Cemetery Ridge.

Cemetery Hill

If you want to find out for yourself about these places, go visit them and spend some time, if you dare. You can see things and hear things as well as smell things at the battlefield and, around the Gettysburg area all year long. However, because of what ( I ) think is residual energy on the battlefield, Most of the activity tales place in the summer and especially during the first week of july because the battle of Gettysburg was fought on July 1st-2nd and-3rd. I have heard that many National Park Rangers who patrol the battlefield over the years have actually asked for transfers because of the ghostly activity on the Gettysburg Battlefield !

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  1. That is the place I would really love to go and look for ghost. sigh soon I hope

  2. i and my son have seen figures at the rose farm.we have caught them in a photo..very erie.i have the photo.

  3. When I was there for a high school feild trip, I knew I was there for the battle. I was a rebel sharpshooter, trolling for Union Officeers. Till I was hit in the shoulder by a yankee shot.

  4. My husband and I go to Gettysburg every year. We have asked several locals including park rangers and police if they could give up directions to Triangle field and they all tell us they have no idea where it is located. We still haven't been able to find it. Can someone point me in the right direction? This year while at Devil's Den, my camera suddenly died and of course it had a fully charged battery. I charged it up when we got back to the Cashtown Inn and had no more problems with it. We have never caught any evidence on film or our audio recorders, but have on several occasions just walking around the streets have smelled many many different things like lavender and cigar smoke. One of my favorite places in our beautiful country.

    1. The Triangular Field is adjacent to Devil's Den. If you drive through Devil's Den, the road will start climbing up a bit. Right above Devil's Den and to the left side of the road is the Triangular Field.

  5. Of course you can't go on the battlefield after dark but there is one place you can visit....Sachs Bridge. It's an old covered bridge that was used as an escape route for part of Lees army. They hung 3 confederate deserters from the rafters . Just google the bridge. You can visit it at night but I encourage later the better. Many teens go and hang out there at night, especially weekends. I did go with my family one night after midnite and experienced it for the first time without anyone else being there. There was a light rain that evening so I didn't capture any evps or apparitions but it was very eery . Just google it and visit late one evening. The bridge can be visited from either end , it no longer allows cars. I dare you to walk into the darkness across the bridge when you are alone. Many have caught evps , apparitions, and the unexplainable.